Laughter is Medicine, How Kandyce August Answered the Call to Comedy

Laughter is Medicine, How Kandyce August Answered the Call to Comedy

Episode Summary:

My guest today is the warm and hilarious Kandyce August.  Oh my gosh y’all. For anyone who knows me and for all of you getting to know me, comedy is my life blood. Out of all the healthcare that I study and practice, I devoutly believe laughter is our best medicine. That’s why I couldn’t be more excited for this impromptu episode today. We get to hear one person’s path to not only gettin her funny on, but also how she answered the call to sharing it with the world.

Show Notes:

We will be talking about how Kandyce August found her funny, the support that paved the way toward her pursuing comedy and how she flows geographically.  We will find what’s at the heart of comedy for her, if she’s ever bombed and how that shapes her performance, the true meaning of joy in comedy and so much more!  This is a series I have started because I truly believe in the power of laughter and I am in awe of the vulnerability comics embrace as they offer up that part of themselves to spark joy.  A series of raw, unfiltered stories that tap into the path to pursuing comedy.

  • When did you find you’re funny?
  • Family of performers
  • Localism becomes bits
  • Tangible steps toward becoming a comic
  • Women in comedy
  • Breaking barriers by being in self-competition
  • “I just want to be loved”
  • Travel + comedy + day job = perfection
  • Favorite performance
  • Play to the crowd
  • Live Kandyce August joke about Portland, Oregon
  • Have you bombed?
  • How does grief affect the comedic process?
  • “Pain + time = comedy”
  • Suffering is universal
  • Raising the vibration – feeling our human magic
  • Who would your dream guest be and why? (It’s a BIG one!)

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