Molly McCord Might Just Narrate Your Life: Astrology, Divinity and You

Molly McCord Might Just Narrate Your Life: Astrology, Divinity and You!

Episode Summary

My guest today is the magically inspiring Molly McCord.  She is a bestselling author of ten books with over 50,000 downloads, intuitive astrologer, business strategist, radio show host, and modern consciousness teacher.  She is a practicing intuitive astrologer who has connected with thousands of clients in over 30 countries, and she hosts a popular intuitive astrology podcast twice a week.  We will dive into the beautiful gifts she offers the world with her astrological knowledge and intuitive messages, our own unique intuitive abilities, the support natal charts can offer, the power of 2020 astrology, mercury retrogrades, divine timing and more.

Show Notes:

We will be celebrating the divine magic in humans by exploring our divinity and the abundance in our astrological connections.  Molly McCord sees you: the divinity, the potential, the growth, the magic.  She wants you to fulfill your soul’s mission by sharing her vast knowledge of astrology and the spot on downloads and messages she receives from her guides.  She will come back time and again and assure you that you are exactly where you need to be and that the your life is unfolding with perfect timing.  We are going to explore this and the wild ride we are all taking in 2020 and this new powerfully expansive decade!  If you ever wanted to know about eclipses, retrogrades and divine timing stick around! This is going to be so much FUN!  Also, I’d like to note that during the taping of the episode I mispronounced Chani Nicholas’s name when we covered the dream guest topic and that is the reason Molly did not know who I was referring to.  Molly definitely knows Chani.  I’m so sorry for my slip up to Molly and to Chani, two of our greatest astrologers who are putting magic out and changing the world!

  • Our history, how we met
  • Astrology is my religion, you are my church
  • Molly McCord is a badass
  • Intuitive magic – developing your own unique intuition muscle
  • Natal charts – what they can reveal and how to work with them
  • 2020 astrology and the powerful new decade
  • Mercury retrogrades – how to make them work for you
  • Divine timing
  • Who is your dream guest and why?

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