Awakening Your Life Force, A Look at my Pelvic Floor Workshop, Surf Lessons and the Power of Retreat.

Awakening Your Life Force. A Look at my Pelvic Floor Workshop, Surf Lessons and the Power of Retreat.

Episode Summary

My guests today are four beautiful goddesses I had the pleasure of sharing retreat space with in Oahu, Hawaii in February 2020. We will begin with the retreat inspiration and organizer, Nancy Bell.  After we chat with her, we will talk with the other workshop leader, Deb Gleason, where she shares her workshop inspirations.  And then, Liv Ensign, a surprise last minute guest and my long time friend.  As you can imagine we get pretty lively in our convo as travel buddies and lovers of laughter.  Lastly we will hear from Ange Arbuckle, the host of the retreat in her beautiful space in Hawaii.  Every guest shares their transformations through this sacred time together, what retreat means to them and also how they experienced my retreat offerings of pelvic floor awakening, along with learning to surf for the first time ever!

Show Notes:

I am fresh off of participating in the expansive Exposure Retreat 2020 on the beautiful island of Oahu.  I brought my Awakening Your Life Force pelvic floor workshop that I couple with surf lessons, which support re-igniting to your supreme essence and divinity.  The workshop piece was a full day of meditations, visualizations, recalling your power, emotional cellular memory education and techniques and pelvic floor education and self-care techniques.  At the end of the day we all participated in a fun dynamic motion exercise class and then eventually got our surf lessons on.  We will be hearing from four of the seven women about their transformations through my workshop and surf lessons, but also about the sacred shifts they received throughout our time together.  We will find out how profound these shifts can be when women come together in full transparency, vulnerability and support of each other.  Let me tell you, it was one of the most profound experiences I’ve had in a retreat space.  

  • Nancy Bell – The reason for the season
  • It starts with seven sisters
  • The magic happens when women come together
  • Starting at the root
  • Why am I who I am?
  • Ancestral trauma
  • Surfing! Pop up pop up!
  • Say It Out Loud – what do you want?  I want to be heard
  • Deb Gleason – Healing within and standing shoulder to shoulder with others
  • The fire as a facilitator in this retreat
  • Vegan lifestyle coaching with personal expansion
  • Food choice as a metaphor for who you choose to be in the world
  • Taking leaps for change
  • Food as a celebration and a spiritual practice
  • An invitation for pelvic floor transformation
  • Surfing joy!
  • Liv Ensign – I want to talk about our friendship!
  • The long lost fireside chats with Liv and Lori
  • Divine timing in relationships
  • The deep language of grief
  • Retreat newbie
  • Am I going to be good enough, smart enough and will people like me?
  • I’m only sad I didn’t start pelvic floor exploration earlier
  • Surfing a wave and maybe having a snack
  • I got this, I have all the things that I need
  • Ange Arbuckle – retreat space, a sanctuary
  • When the outside matches the inside of ourselves
  • Island magic
  • The vibration of the surfing cheerleading squad
  • What happens when we open up to retreat

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