Going Through our Process with a Fear Release, Guided Meditation and Love

Going Through Our Process with a Fear Release, Guided Meditation and Love

Episode Summary

The fear release and meditation begin at 7:48 if you want to skip the conversation.

Today my guest is… me.  I wanted to share some thoughts on my personal experience with the abrupt life changes recently and how I was able to navigate them, as well as that the strength I found is coming from the power of people.  Our communities are strong and they are shining their strengths greater by the day.  I also felt like it was important to put out a fear release and empowerment meditation, especially in a time where surrender is our greatest ally.  This is preventative healthcare.  We must be the principal players in how we can help ourselves at a cellular level.  As we move through these rapidly shifting spaces, it is in finding our center that will keep our immunity strong, our spirits high and our resilience available.

Show Notes:

I hope that you find some trust, relaxation and health from my words and the hypnosis track I have prepared for you.  I will continue to release relaxation tracks here and on my Instagram TV so stay tuned for those.  I will include shorter tracks over time.  I encourage you to be proactive, informed, centered and engaged in community.  Please drop a comment, like, subscribe, star rate, review and share this episode.  Help me increase immunity and healthcare by reaching more and more people in their homes.  And continue to breathe, friends.  We are in this together.  Blessings.

  • The sudden, unforeseen change in life
  • My brief unravel into the dark
  • Get under the fear
  • Embracing community and support
  • Feeling the power of people
  • The stress effect on our immunity
  • Seek out a practice of relaxation
  • Play the track over and over
  • Interrupt the stress response
  • Fear release and guided meditation @ 7:48

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