The Language of Grief with Morgan Wade

The Language of Grief with Morgan Wade

Episode Summary

I am talking today with Morgan Wade, a somatic therapist and hypnotherapist specializing in intimacy and embodiment. We are in unprecedented times with a global pandemic shifting life as we have known it.  I believe we are on the precipice of dropping deeper into a society based in community instead of currency and for that I am excited.  We are seeing how humanity is rising up to a global crisis and frankly I am proud, but we are also experiencing very real levels of collective grief pertaining to such dramatic change, as well as personal grief and loss from the virus itself.  I wanted to get to some real talk about grief for support and understanding. We will explore the language of grief that comes after the sudden loss of a person and how it can be an access point to raw vulnerability and spirit, how loss is human and moments of enlightenment can sometimes be found on a kitchen or bathroom floor and we also look at how grief can become our teacher.  We touch briefly on the stages of grief, but more so on the process of finding meaning in grief.  In the end, our conversation becomes a beautifully woven exploration of this earth  school ride that we are all on together, in community  in these human bodies and in our hearts.  As someone who had spent many years of my life in grief, this episode means the world to me.  I want to offer some support to the many people out there experiencing loss on any plane and to normalize the gravity of what they may be feeling.  I also want to offer support to the communities of those very same people so they might be able to hold space a little more without fear.  Morgan offers exquisite insights from all sides.

Show Notes:

  • Our history – a kindred spirit connection
  • Morgan’s early relationship with grief
  • Grief is human and universal
  • We are all increasing each other’s bandwidth for holding discomfort
  • Grief as a direct access to raw vulnerability and spirit
  • The current layers of collective grief
  • Moments of enlightenment on the kitchen and bathroom floor
  • The gift of grief as a teacher
  • Our innate medical wisdom to boost immunity
  • The stages of grief
  • Finding meaning in loss
  • The earth school ride
  • Who is your dream guest and why?

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