I’m going on a Covid-19 date!

What a new concept this is!  A date in quarantine, which of course means a technology date.  Let me give you a little background on my isolation experience so far.  I’ve been in it since March 23rd and I live alone with my amazing sidekick kitty Beezus The Brave.  She’s the best gift I could possibly have right now!  I believe there are pros and cons to every way quarantine manifests for every person.  For me, it means extreme physical isolation.  Shout out to technology right now.  I would be writing from a whole different place without the connections I’ve maintained through video chats.  They have provided solace and comfort with face to face interactions that are critical to my mental wellness.  But when it comes down to our human need for intimacy and physical touch during a scary and grief-filled time, some of us are at a loss in that department as well.  Are there times that I wish I could be frustrated with a partner or discovering new facets to our relationship that have manifested from constant contact?  Absolutely.  Are there times where I’m grateful for my solitude and extreme focus on my personal process?  Definitely.  Do I want to touch someone in a mutually intimate way?  Ummmmm, YES.  I should tell you that I hadn’t had as much as a glance from a potential date for the past 11 months.  I was involved in a car accident, which produced daily pain and struggle.  It’s super hard to get excited to do anything besides nap when in chronic pain.  I also started The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast and have pretty much dated her 24-7.  Fast forward to now. Now I have asked someone out for a FaceTime date!  I have intentionally moved it from a chat to a date for my own mental process.  When it was a chat to see what this social media connection was up to, I planned to do about as much as I did in the picture above to prepare.  Yesterday, my creative juices got flowing and I started to think about how I could actually view this like a date that I would have had in my life pre-quarantine, you know the kind that I would actually shower and get ready for.  With that word swap I now have an excitement and anticipation for the possibilities.  I plan to engage in my pre-date ritual as if I’m leaving the house to meet him.  I will have a nice cold beer and candlelight ready for our time together to create the atmosphere I look for during an initial encounter.  I will spend too much time searching for the potential in us. All in all, it will be a  lovely evening spent with a new human and new perspectives to exercise my brain and emotions if even just for one night.  No matter what way it ends, the shower and effort will do my spirit good……  Stay tuned to see my date face or maybe even a podcast episode to follow!!!

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