A Critical Conversation About Racial Profiling and Police Reform

A Critical Conversation About Racial Profiling and Police Reform

Episode Summary

This is an intimate conversation from the perspective of Todd Davis, a Black Man in the United States of America who shares the racial profiling he has experienced from police and Dave Smith, a White Man who served as a Captain in the LA Police Division and who fought for accountability and reform within the department.  I am extremely grateful to both of these men for their honesty, transparency and vulnerability at a critical time in systemic change for racial justice. 

Show Notes:

  • Consent
  • A normalized conversation on police interaction for BIPOC
  • Practicing servant leadership in the LAPD
  • Dave’s involvement with the Rodney King investigation
  • Living with the boogie man
  • A mental prison – work, relationships, nighttime
  • The Warren Christopher Report
  • Police misconduct and lack of accountability
  • “Everything we see today, we’ve seen before”
  • Use of tactics in the police system
  • Us against them mentality
  • Unprovoked police interactions – stop and frisk era
  • Loss of self in racial profiling
  • The power of partnership with community leaders
  • Loyalty to your crew
  • What is leadership?
  • A growing distrust for the police
  • Defunding and re-allocating funds for social systems
  • Transparency in complicity
  • Same cops, same stories
  • Toxic police culture
  • If internal affairs works, it’s too late
  • “We need this moment”
  • “I started profiling myself”
  • Trauma re-triggered today
  • Community over currency
  • “This is life and death”
  • “We need to bear witness to what is right”

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