Recovering From Birth Trauma, Interview with Lori Reising

Hi Wild Heart Warriors!

Here is a very intimate, raw and vulnerable interview I did (where I truly bare my SOUL) with Front Seat, The Road Back to You Podcast about epigenetics and how birth trauma/wounds can greatly inform aspects of your life. This work and healing are critical for all the work we need to do as a community. When we care for the emotional and physical experience of our mothers and babies, we create communities filled with trust and empathy. When we bring our babies in through trauma, we contribute to wounding that can express as fear, mistrust, pain and even violence. As Anna Verwaal said “It is much easier to build a healthy child than to repair a broken adult.”
I also take you on my journey of the loss of my daughter and marriage, where I went through my life’s deepest tragedy to finding my way to working with birth to ultimately help change the world. Monica held a very safe space to share my raw story with you in a way that I believe will offer you hope and excitement in our ability to heal and transform.
As we move through a great space of education and awareness in our history and for the fight for racial justice, I hope to shine light on the importance of birth since Black women experience up to 2-3 times more trauma and maternal death rates than white women in this country. It’s very real and it must be addressed. Until we fully realize that everything begins with the way we birth and the way we care for our birthing families, our community wounds and health will continue to be compromised as adults. I think you might have a few “aha” moments as you start to make the connections between birth and who you are today, which will be a great asset to your healing work here. 💫 Link below. 👇🏼…

Look for my no holds barred book on childbirth at the end of 2020 and my memoir in 2021!

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