Laughter is Medicine, Setting the Bar with The Really Real Mama

Laughter is Medicine, Setting the Bar with The Really Real Mama

Episode Summary

Interview begins at 6.28

Amber Albin is a mom, wife, lawyer, former nurse, children’s author, overcommitter, recovering Mormon and two-faced Gemini.  She makes self-deprecating and sometimes funny videos on the IG grid, and she chronicles her life on IG stories. She has a very popular podcast called The Really Real Mama.  Today Amber and I are touching on the importance of laughter, even in the face of a major personal, community and political shifts.  It’s important to fill your cup up and come from a place of strength, balance and health in every area.  We get a glimpse into Amber’s life as a woman, a mom, a lawyer, a comedian and a delight!  We have a very inspiring conversation about finding the faith that resonates with you, making life changes, dropping into vulnerability, setting powerful examples and finding the joy in a sometimes hard life. 

Show Notes:

  • Interview during quarantine
  • Destroying shame and owning vulnerability
  • Breaking from the Mormon faith
  • A performer at heart
  • A lawyer and a comedian
  • Mom guilt
  • The racket of bedtime
  • Is it ok to laugh during difficult times?
  • Moms need to laugh
  • Advocacy in many forms
  • Leaving a toxic work environment
  • Doing the scary things can bring the most joy
  • Women should raise women up
  • Setting an example for the next generations
  • What fuels Amber’s fire
  • Instagram hilarity
  • Decided to do this interview in the flesh
  • Who would be your dream guest and why?

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