A Light That Shines, Even Through the Dark

A Light That Shines

The divine is within.. You are the life that moves and breathes all around you. You have all of the power and knowledge inside of your cells.  You are a being of perfect light having a very human experience. Our outer world and inner world are merging for a far deeper consciousness than we have ever known.  These energy shifts and support are bigger and brighter. The veil is thin and with that comes the responsibility of our energy, of our personal, cosmic and evolutionary shifts and of accountability.  We are changing deeply and beautifully friends. Do you feel the pull inside?  The pull to curiosity, to spiritual presence, to higher frequency living?  The dark force of greed and power has been building for far too long. Spirit has divine timing and she has sparked in us the path to remember all that is within. I hear the call, the call to commune. I can feel my cells regenerating as I walk my neighborhood listening to the sounds, seeing the life and breathing the air. I feel the pulse when I have the privilege to be out in her lush life, me and her, together and clear. With every intentional connection, my abilities and power as a divine soul in this human body are growing stronger, my soul’s purpose getting clearer.  We have all chosen to be here for this.  You are here for this.  It’s magic and it’s real. Stay tuned for a very powerful episode that will support you in feeling your new frequency as you tune in to these powerful energies and tune out of the fear and noise.
How have your powers been rising up? Are you feeling deeper intuitive hits? Are you more clear in relationships? Are your health and wellness becoming an easy priority? Have you developed an interest in learning more about your magnificence? Are you more involved with creating change than you ever have been? Is there a force driving you to manifest your dreams? We’d love to hear below!

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