You are Light, Love and Here For a Purpose

You are Love, Light and Here For a Purpose

Episode Summary

Interview begins at 12.32

Meditation begins at 34.15

This is a very special episode to support you in your ascension of divinity and alignment with God/Source/Spirit/Universe, however you call the power at work around us, but even if you aren’t a person of spiritual faith, maybe your curious enough to hear about why others are.  And maybe you’ll even do the meditation and just be open.  Be curious and open.  Don’t those words sound yummy? They make my cells light up with joy.  I truly think the more curious we get about experience and less critical, the quicker we manifest abundance, love and trust and drive out the lower frequencies of fear and scarcity.  We are in a very special time right now.

TODAY, I decided in honor of such a powerful Lionsgate Portal and supreme shift in our spiritual world to put out an episode that may help you drop deeper into your practice and faith.  I wanted to hear some thoughts and experiences about the Higher Power in some people’s lives through their words.  I wanted to take you on a journey into curiosity and intention.  You are here because you know something inside of you is shifting deeply and permanently, even if it hasn’t surfaced to your conscious thoughts yet or you are curious to hear the experience of others.  Maybe something in this special episode will trigger a new path for you to explore physically, mentally or spiritually.  I have included a meditation about your Light to open those gates a little wider, quiet the noise a little more and support you in hearing the divine messages a little clearer.

Show Notes:

  • A talk about the energies, the divinity and the soul awakenings that are happening
  • The planetary shifts and thinning of the veil
  • Sponsorship with Betterhelp (10% off link below)
  • Who is God to you?
  • When do you feel Source the most?
  • Krista Xiomata
  • Liz Crotts
  • Moriah Rochelle
  • Ellie Larsen
  • Adrian Thomas-Eikmann
  • Brandi Fleck
  • You Are Light Meditation

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