Everything is an Opportunity!

A guarantee in this new heart-centered and raw way of living.  Every single thing that happens, especially the gut-wrenching, sudden emotional upheavals and changes, is an open invitation to soul growth and revelations.  Of course it would be much easier to recognize if it was only those free energy flowing everything is on track and high soul vibing situations, but this is where the good, I mean the REAL good ground-breaking growth comes.  In the uncomfortable moments of sudden energetic assaults and the very real reaction and integration work you do with it.  And quite honestly the work you are willing to do to choose yourself.  Something we have not been conditioned with in a wounded culture.  This is where the true shifts happen as we ascend in our personal evolution and divinity.  And let’s be real, that automatic fear-filled reaction has been playing in a loop for WAY too long.  Here we are y’all.  We are in the deep multi-dimensional shifts and the veil to our very real magic is more accessible than ever.  So if you choose to be conscious, if you choose to drop in, know that ascension does not mean we will cease having these heart-breaking human experiences.  BUT…  it does mean that you will break that old pattern from an unconscious conditioning.  And it does mean that you will have supreme support in creating the reality that you are ready to live in.  Yes, you might need to release some stagnant energies that are not changing with you.  And you may be re-acquainting with those energies down the line when you are all in more alignment.  There are endless possibilities when you allow for growth in yourself and your community.  What I can say is when you release the old paradigm of living from scarcity, competition and fear, you will never lose anything.  You might release some things that will free you up to grow at a greater rate.  And making that choice will come from a deep knowing in your heart.  It will come from love and not reaction.  And when you adopt this belief truly in your being, you will move more into your soul’s calling, you will deepen relationships even when you release them, you will re-member that everything is infinite and you are connected to a much bigger universe that holds you and gives you constant opportunities to create a new energy for everything.  And that is when you will truly awaken to the very real truth that every interaction, every connection, every decision and everything is an opportunity to go deeper in this precious and short life. 

Pro tip:  DO create the habit of clearing energy, moving energy and working with energy to get the most of what is happening in your life at any given time. 

Let’s do this.

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