Enlightenment Is Innate

Let’s talk about euphoric enlightenment. 


As I sit here pondering it, I’m sure it’s what is intrinsic in us, but as with most things has been culturally conditioned out of us.  So we end up working uphill throughout our lives to achieve what was suppose to easily flow into and through our being, our birthright and access point to Source.


I’ve had this euphoria before, not too long ago. It was when I had to surrender and return from Costa Rica quite Ill and weak. There came a point of surrender.  Here is where I truly discovered how sudden extreme gratitude creates a pure state of ascension and  alignment. It’s like THE formula. One equals the other.  When I came home to the beautiful cool winter forests nestled into the most beautiful hot spring I’ve been to, where I could drink all the water and nourishing healing food, my vibration raised and raised and raised.  My abilities were limitless.  My gratitude was not the kind that we talk about in this cultural frequency of writing down 3 things you’re grateful for every day.  No, it was pure, deep, unadulterated gratitude in everything I saw, tasted, touched, smelled.  This is quantum leaping.  When you FEEL deep in your cells, your DNA and thinking is not even a part of the equation.  This is how we create our new, higher dimensional reality. It takes a boatload of practice as we work our way out of a wounded culture of competition and scarcity.  We have to work way harder than we were ever intended to.  But here we are.  On the precipice of no longer wading through the sludge of lower frequencies because the Earth is permanently shifting.  A new heartbeat has begun.  


I just went through this euphoric ascension again.  It was after being choked by crushing wildfire smoke on the West Coast for days, no oxygen available.  My instincts were to get quiet, not exert myself and slow my flow to preserve what oxygen I had.  Centering was basically survival and nothing more.  And then I made it to air.  True, beautiful, oxygenated air.  The gratitude movement consumed my being once again.  My connections re-ignited, the downloads came back, the light codes flooding my system.  And there it was, the lesson.  It is not in thinking about love or how I’m grateful.  It is in the pure, heart-centered bursting gratitude that fills my soul from my cells to the heavens.  We connect through energy, our biggest, brightest ability that is FINALLY coming alive, coming online and KICKING ASS.  My greatest hope through this dimensional shift is that it will no longer require a health crisis, wildfires or pandemics to activate it in such a direct, immediate way.  Use the pure, unfiltered feeling of gratitude on the other side of adversity as a pathway to ascension.  Remember that feeling, practice that feeling, drop into that feeling.  It can become the human norm to rediscover our divine humanness.  

In love, light, shadow and Wild,



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