Season 2 Reboot Is Coming!

Hello friends!

Have you heard about the West Coast wildfires?  Oof, they have been relentless for Mother Earth and her inhabitants.  The toxic smoke has created an inadvertent end to Season 1 of The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast since I drove across the country to get out of the smoke.  Instead of stressing about my content, I’ve decided to put some time and energy into lining up some Ah Ma Zing guests for the reboot and just re-center myself.  I already have some of those guest interviews on the docket.  You’re going to LoVe them!  I’ve decided to kick it off with my very first guest on my very first episode.  Yes.  Amy Rehagen and I are going to check in on all things dating, quarantine, friendship, spiritual shifts and more!  Make sure to stay tuned because it will be dropping in October.  And… I will be going back to bi-monthly episodes in the hopes of moving to weekly very soon.  Yay!  I can’t wait to meet you on the airwaves.  Please shoot me a message and let me know if there’s something you really want to hear about!  If you’re not signed up for my email list, come on over to and sign up so you are set up to receive my free upcoming Living Pain-Free 5-Week Challenge!  Thank you for your support and love in this Wild Heart Revolution!!!

Sending love and energy, friends.


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