My Vanlife Dream and Mindset Shift!


See that smile?? That smile is in large part to some big mindset work I’ve been doing. And also because I’ve worked harder on my dreams this year than I EVER have before, which has led me to my upgrade from part-time camper to full time vanlife! It  has also led me to the ability to sever my tie and reliance on the safety of my business in Portland and the security of the home I’ve lived in for the past ten years. It’s the dedication to shifting my mindset and belief system around money and soul purpose that have allowed me to take this huge leap of faith. I have always held on to money so tightly and come from a scarcity mindset of not enough, rather than more than enough. While I’ve always been a hard worker and very responsible, with that lower frequency belief I held money in a negative light, worried every time I spent it. Even when I had it to spend and spent it on my passion of traveling. It’s been a constant source of stress because at any point I could be broke. But why would I think that? It’s because I did not obtain the belief that I was infinitely talented and resourceful, but to constantly be worried that everything will go away. I’ve been hoarding my “stuff” believing that I wouldn’t be able to afford it if I needed it again. What a joy to finally feel money in a new light!

Money flows in and out (but can’t if you hold on so tightly there’s no flow), money is all around and it’s time for money to be in the hands of heart-centered, small business, pro-community humans. As I invest in my dream life that I now know is absolutely possible and definitely probable if I continue to practice a healed mindset of abundance, trust and flow, I offer that to all around me, they ripple it out and money becomes an exchange from love.

There’s a big awakening happening right now about money, who’s got it, how it’s used and what could happen with a better distribution of it. It’s an awakening of our true humanity and how far off course we’ve been steered for a very long time. Let’s take action. Be intentional, know that your money can make change. Where does it go? Who do you support? How does that feel? Stop habits, build your light! ✨

For me, the open road, the communing with Mother Earth and the freedom of spirit await.  There’s a whole lotta work ahead of that, though, loves.  I’ll bring you along every step of the way.  Manifestation is work, spiritually, emotionally, physically.  Here’s to staying the course, believing in myself and holding the truth of my soul’s calling!

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