The New Normal Is Nothing Normal

The New Normal Is Nothing Normal

Episode Summary

In today’s episode we catch up with Amy Rehagen, The Raw and Wild Heart’s very first guest for our very special 1 year anniversary and Season 2 reboot!  This conversation is like a 2020 variety show.  We are definitely having a fun and friendly conversation where we touch on dating and relationships in relation to deepening our higher consciousness, thriving in quarantine,  the Covid evolution of humanity, astrological love and shifts happening, the evolution of our friendship and selves, doing the deep soul work for the collective consciousness.   I hope you feel the vibes!

 Show Notes

  • It’s a hard won birthday celebration!
  • Quarantine buddies
  • Mass media for healthcare
  • Importance of immunity
  • When the healthcare system actually supports you.
  • Basic human health
  • Lori is the supplement Queen. Cleanse your body
  • Online dating, yay or nay
  • Meeting people IRL
  • 2020 energies of relationship with self
  • Learning personal lessons through relationship
  • Dating in quarantine
  • The importance of Having a touch person
  • Breaking out of the not enough culture. Embracing vulnerability
  • Finding the strength to cold call people
  • Hormones equal health
  • The social dilemma in relation to online dating
  • Soul growth awakening
  • Amy chose to use astrology to drop in and learn about herself and her connections
  • Soul calling from Covid shifts
  • Using podcasts and groups to learn and grow
  • Get in your flow
  • The ‘what if’ brain
  • The soul gifts of quarantine
  • Moving from the age of Pisces to Aquarius
  • Doing the work to drop in
  • Abundance over scarcity mindset shift
  • How can we be a part of the world in a healthy way
  • Wounded culture where we sacrificed ourselves beginning to heal
  • The people that drop in and raise the consciousness for everyone
  • Working your adaptability muscle
  • Serenity prayer
  • Something was going to shake the world and it came in our lifetime
  • How we might look back at this time fondly
  • Where are we now with dating
  • Creating expectations in online dating
  • Soul pairings in 2021
  • Community and money mindset
  • Lessons in relationship even when it’s not your soul pairing
  • Teach our kids about success in relationships
  • Who is your dream guest and why?

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