Happy New Moon in Libra!

 Happy New Moon in Libra babes (Friday, October 16th at 12:31 pm PST)!

️ It’s a big one, but aren’t they all?? New beginnings and rebirth require our presence, intention and effort. The Moon AND Sun are in Libra here. It’s also a Super New Moon, being near it’s closest approach to Earth. Libra is all about balancing the scales and relationships, outer as well as inner. This is good time to take pause, check in and proceed with care. The two retrogrades in Mars and Mercury can add to the tension that may be welling up within so they require our patience and slowdown. Consider adding my favorite new mantra, “detach” to your practice during this time. Or take it along for this raw and wild ride. You might also want to extend some deadlines to ease the pressure during this time. (✔️, already did it over here!)

It’s karmic reckoning and clearing time, darlings! For good. We have a profound invitation to purge those triggers right now! Tell me this, have you found yourself thinking lately that you just can’t do this broken record again? Or you’re back in a pattern that you thought you grew out of? Or the relationship you’re in is back at it’s breaking point…again?
As usual Spirit has decided to slam me over the head with all of it. I became a ticking time bomb with all the lower vibrational loops coming to a head. And then I broke…open. This is the cosmic storm within and without. We are in the reckoning, completion and reset before Air becomes the dominant energy in 2021. Honor the process of the ups and downs. Hold on because we have changed permanently. Even when the old loops hit us sideways, we have new cosmic tools that will present themselves to remind us of our progress and support us to finally break free from what became clear in these last few weeks. Hello Super New Moon. This is the time. This is your moment. But do your work. You know and I know we are no longer in the frequency to live in the loop. Clear your space, journal your heart, move your body, breath, dance, ask for guidance, be gentle and re-member.

In love, light, shadow and Wild,


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