Creating Your Reality with Sonia G.

Creating Your Reality with Sonia G.

Episode Summary

In this episode we weave a beautiful magical ride through Sonia’s early calling to the hard stuff and how that may have just been the catalyst to the divine stuff.  She helps us understand ALL of the dimensional energy grids and how we ascend through them, as well as gives us that kick in the butt to get out of our mud of our dramas.  And then we take a dive into learning how our belief systems are what create our reality, along with the very inspiring talks about how we shift them to truly create the reality we desire.  I’ll give you a hint, it takes work, but we are all capable of doing it because we are magical energetic creature who are now waking up to our potential and realizing it is absolutely limitless!  And even better, Sonia has provided me with 5 actionable steps to take toward creating your reality, which you can sign up to receive in the show notes below.

Show Notes

  • How Sonia fought for her calling from an early age
  • Alignment is not effortless
  • A teenager in a foreign country
  • Sonia’s dark night of the soul
  • Spiritual realizations can create fear in 3D
  • Conformity can create comfort in 3D
  • Epiphany and spiritual deep dive
  • We can levitate
  • Substances as frequency downers
  • Creating your reality – manifestation
  • Energy grid talk
  • Moving from 3D up through 12D grids
  • Get out of your dramas, acquire the skills
  • Your crystalline light
  • Getting into your alignment groove
  • Your belief systems create your reality
  • The shift from 99% to 100%
  • Practice in the positive
  • Victim vs. victor
  • Surrender as active, not passive
  • Who is your dream guest and why?

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