Turn Down The Noise, Turn Up The Love

⚡️Can we make this a mantra? A daily affirmation? Y’all we are in it right now. With the drama, the sensationalism, the fear creation in 3D annnnnnd we also have the double retrograde action from above. What!?! Yep, coming from below and above.

🔥 Does it feel like a boiling point? Are you carrying the weight of the world? Is everything going completely wrong? Let me ask you this, is tuning in to the external creating more stress and less health? You have the power to tune it out, to disengage. You have the power to create the reality that raises you up. Take actionable steps. My hope for you is that those steps involve transforming unproductive interactions (social media I’m looking at you). These retrogrades (Mercury & Mars) are really asking you to take pause, and then take MORE pause if ya know what I mean 😏. Mercury retrogrades are a wonderful time to be patient with yourself and electronics.  It’s a time to do an internal sweep in many ways.  The Mars retrograde has been hanging out for awhile and he is none too happy about it since he’s in his home sign Aries.  Aries likes to go, make it happen, move forward.  This is an extra reason to spend some time understanding what truly needs to be in the external world with the realization that ego is typically the thing that really wants most things there.  What can you keep and transform and what is productive out in the world, for reals.  Ask yourself, what can I do today that nurtures my soul so I am showing up from an internal calm? One where I do not have to be right. One where I have a beautiful awareness that when something creates discomfort I effortlessly allow myself to disengage immediately, regroup and love (them, me, all). Know that you have the tools to truly care for your emotional and spiritual health while others may desperately try to hold on to an old way of wounding. The truth shall set you free. Now is the time to step off the boat, stand firm in your ground and hold what’s true babes. 💗

In love, light, shadow and Wild,


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