Uncovering Your Nature with Intuitive Jacquelyne Ellis

Uncovering Your Nature with Intuitive Jacquelyne Ellis

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, you get to hear a real and raw mini-intuitive reading from Jacque.  If you’ve ever wondered what goes into this type of dialogue and support, check it out.  We then talk about what resonated and aligned for me in the reading and what was spot on and confirming.  In addition, we get into honing your divine nature, living consciously and awake, different types of intuitive gifts, the importance of dialogue in a reading, some emotionally moving parts of ego vs. spirit and animal loving, communication and loss.  In conclusion, it’s a wonderful conversation that had me in tears in the best of ways. I hope you love it, too!

Jacque has also given us a beautiful list of tips on how to prepare for an intuitive reading, as well as how to get the most out of your reading.  Click on the link in the show notes below to receive this free download!

Show Notes

  • Our history
  • Jacque’s no BS approach
  • Intuitive readings are a dialogue, not a one-way street
  • Jacque gives Lori a mini intuitive reading
  • Am I doing my soul’s work because it’s going very slowly online?
  • Do you see my timeline for leaving Portland and my one-on-one practice?
  • Do you see a should pairing relationship coming in for me?
  • You’re not casual and that could get in the way of where you are needed
  • You are in the structural mode and distribution of your work
  • How did Lori resonate with the reading and messages?
  • The personality is the result of a life
  • The soul is who you are
  • Intuitive support helps to peel back conditioning layers
  • Multi-dimensional living
  • Readings validate what you already know
  • Lori share a difficult reading in the past and how it eventually resonated
  • Differentiating between an ego reaction and a soul resonance
  • Living consciously and awake
  • Life is the great adventure
  • Go beyond the words, it’s so much bigger
  • Valhalla
  • The beauty in transitioning of the human body experience
  • Lori’s alignment with part of the reading
  • Jacque’s intuitive abilities
  • The nature of what we come into this life with
  • Clairaudience is one way to receive
  • The past fear of feminine intuition
  • Observe an not absorb
  • Ask for what serves you
  • Coming home to ourselves
  • Developing your nature is unique to you
  • Trying to train ego is like chasing your tail
  • Exploring animal communication
  • The profound exchange in interspecies love
  • Jacque’s Loving and Losing an Animal Companion Program
  • Who is your dream guest and why?

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