Vanlife, All Roads Lead Back To Me with Candyss Love

Vanlife, All Roads Lead Back To Me with Candyss Love

Episode Summary

Today Candyss and I go super soul deep.  We have a very profound exchange about some of the pivotal moments in Candyss’s life that laid the path toward her soul growth journey, how relationships are our very best teacher and mirror in every way and how embracing our deepest shadow work allows for the greatest light.  We also get into how Candyss is staying present and conscious during her current relationship that is unfolding, the life-changing lessons her dog kid Cleo has gifted her with and the power of humans creating vibrations in this world and the heavens.  Finally, I surprised Candyss with a request to hear her angelic voice, if even just a couple of notes.  What she delivers literally brings heaven into earth by calling in loving spirits from each of our lives.  She brings us into her world of dedicated personal and soul growth in such a loving and vulnerable way. We met soul to soul and I hope it translates out to you in the airwaves.  The light that we created in this conversation is tangible, it’s magnificent and it’s magestic.  This is the divinity of humans having a raw and wild ride on Earth’s plain.   

Show Notes

  • What drew Candyss to a military career
  • The deep truth in her choice to become a police officer
  • What does safety truly mean?
  • Candyss’s vanlife vibe through Instagram
  • The van build
  • Lori gets to crack Candyss up!
  • How pain in relationship can be the best teacher
  • “The lesson is in the confusion, the chaos, the pain and the trauma.”
  • Every person is your own personal mirror 
  • Programming of an idea of relationship from little on
  • “We use relationships, as crutches as opposed to vehicles of growth.”
  • When it is that you can actually see someone else
  • The magic of what happens when we feel trust
  • “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”
  • Our animals are pure energetic reflections
  • How our grip on control affects our soul growth
  • We look for distractions in our animal relationships
  • All spectrums of life are a part of the human experience
  • Even when things are working, they’re working
  • When you can drop soul deep in partnership
  • We are constantly creating in this world and others with every single interaction
  • Candyss honors us with her beautiful angelic voice on the spot
  • Candyss calls in powerful loved ones no longer in physical form
  • Who is your dream guest and why?

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