The Heart of Manifesting with Annie Botticelli

The Heart of Manifesting with Annie Botticelli

Episode Summary

Today, Annie and I get into the huge new energies in our Universe, the path that led Annie to Astrology, as well as her own manifestation practice and so many nuggets of support that it’s hard to even list now!  We chat about psychology, science and spirituality, the role synchronicity plays in our lives, showing up for our highest and best, true abundance, asking the right questions, how addiction might show up in our manifestation plane, money shame and stories, the keys to incorporate in your manifestation practice and Annie even gives us 2 techniques that you can start incorporating immediately.  I’ll have a downloadable pdf with the keys and techniques for you in the show notes below that you will get with loads of other amazing free support when you sign up to be a part of the Wild Heart Warrior email newsletter.  But make sure to check out all of the free resources we talk about today to create more abundance and flow in your life!

  Show Notes

  • Massive energy shifts happening right now
  • We now have open stars for massive forward movement
  • Annie’s great awakening
  • Psychology leads to spirituality
  • What do I not see that’s also there?
  • Synchronicity – Attracting like-minded community
  • The resistance period for Annie
  • Astrology is an art and a science
  • Astrology manifested in Annie’s practice
  • The impact of a scarcity culture
  • Do you want to be a doctor or a lawyer?
  • The result of outer planets leaving Capricorn
  • Bringing Heaven unto Earth
  • What kind of questions are people asking?
  • Belief system recognition and shifting
  • Conscious mind vs. unconscious mind
  • Practicing feeling what you want to create
  • What happens when we focus on what we don’t have
  • Addiction work practice
  • “You are the company you keep”
  • We absorb energy
  • Discernment in manifestation
  • Reoccuring patterns are beautiful reflector
  • That point where you truly believe in yourself
  • The link between naysayers and unconscious beliefs
  • Real time example of being in alignment with Annie and Lori
  • Shifting money mindsets
  • Spiritual work + money shame
  • Creating money stories in our lives
  • Money is neutral
  • The relationship with the currency, not the money
  • Working with money streams
  • Bridging the gap between science and spirit
  • Linking the mond and heart for the higher support
  • Annie shares a practice to begin immediately
  • Unleashing Your Money Magnet, Annie’s free money manifestation course!
  • Model of a new economy (it’s feels SO good)!
  • The role of discipline in manifestation
  • Conflicting asks block manifestation
  • The importance of focusing on our highest and best
  • What’s the essence here?
  • “Give the Universe room to work”
  • The magic of Annie’s new book ‘Planetology’
  • We are unstoppable forces of creation
  • What is full abundance?
  • Who would your dream guest be and why?
  • The powerful moments prior to sleep
  • Quick look at the placements in your birth chart

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