What’s a money mindset and how did I get one?

Money money money!  

Do you think about it?  Have you spent some time with your money mindset beliefs?  Not just how you feel about money right now.  Or that you need money.  Or that you want money.  Or what you’re doing with your money.  Have you intentionally sat down and opened up your lifelong programming around money.  I don’t know what it was this past year that tripped that trigger for me, but it has been wild to unlock a place of deep scarcity, as well as freedom.  All the while having the awareness and gratitude of the privilege I have in even being able to take that mental deep dive for myself and for everyone that I will affect by the changes I make from within. 

We are constantly taking in money messages from our childhoods and on.  The rich get richer, the money goes into sensationalism and industries that feed insecurities, scarcity is always lurking around the corner, sacrifice your soul and joy to get a paycheck, grind, grind and grind some more.  You can only make money if you work harder, longer hours.  You need more higher education, more letters, more degrees to make more dollaz.  

Any of this ringing a bell?  Oof, the blockages this can cause.  What I didn’t learn is that money is energy, it does really well in a flow, it can come in many ways and that it is a normal part of exchange.  Money does TONS of good in the right hands.  Here’s a big kicker for me…  Money can and will help us change the world by supporting a deeper vibration emanating from within AND by circulating in crowds that create and give from a place of heart-centered alignment.  Let’s ponder on this for a bit…  Will money better serve the community by fueling an ageist and sexist sensationalism culture that preys on insecurities and drives your thoughts of lack OR might it change the f’ing world if it’s in the hands of the souls that choose to be here by emanating their light, lifting you up, loving your soul, fighting for your health and inspiring your creation??  Your money matters and your money mindset is critical.

Check out my latest podcast episode, ‘The Heart of Manifesting with Annie Botticelli’.  Share it with everyone.  Talk about money.  Shift your beliefs.  Create new possibilities.

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