Music Making and Risk Taking with Brandon Watts

Music Making and Risk Taking with Brandon Watts

Episode Summary

Brandon Watts has this way of creating feeling through the musical flow from his soul. Today we have a fun conversation of enlightenment, vibrational healing and taking risks to follow the calling of your soul. I hope that it brings a levity and joy for your intentional growth in the new year. Change is never comfortable, but it’s always a part of growth. Come along as we weave our way through Brandon’s innate way of creating music. His process began as a child with his ability to stay strong in his unique way of being in the world. He found commonality in a community in creative ways and never lost his bridge to the world through his senses. Learning how to integrate this inside and outside world very early on has allowed him to take bigger risks with his soul gifts as his life unfolds. We get not one, not two, but three jam sessions with Brandon. We dig deeply into the vibration of music and its ultimate medicine that truly can change the world. And then Brandon gives us a glimpse of the roles he’s taking on in the new year as a result of the profound self-reflection 2020 has provided in moving forward.

  Show Notes

  • Happy New Year 2021!
  • A New Years miracle
  • When music flows through the soul
  • Wisdom in childhood
  • Feedback loop recognition from early on
  • Hearing the soul’s calling through COVID
  • Brandon plays some sweet music
  • Playing soul music in a time that it didn’t fit in
  • The art of listening to the weather
  • Being present inside the body
  • Feel the music
  • Ambiance baby!
  • Losing direction and finding your way
  • Integrating 5D consciousness into the 3D world
  • Learn from every experience
  • “The easy part was honing the gift, the hard part was sharing it.”
  • Creating music from joy
  • The texture of music creates vibrations
  • The medicine of music
  • How it feels to be in alignment
  • The vibrational exchange
  • Brandon plays more sweet music
  • Honing into our superpowers and finding the key to life
  • Brandon’s management deal for the future
  • Reality show competition
  • Scoring music in the future
  • Collaborations in the works
  • A year of taking risks
  • Collective of singers and songwriters called ‘What Is Normal’
  • Teaching music abroad in Africa
  • Music is language
  • Communication is much more than words
  • Music is the language of the world
  • Who is your dream guest and why?

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