Acupuncture Points of America

Acupuncture Points of America

Episode Summary

Today Beany, Joanne and I talk about their conscious choice to plant roots in this community, where they could acquire land to specifically grow food and health.  They have never stopped making that conscious choice and are enjoying the fruits of their labor now with booming business, building their new home and learning valuable lessons along the way.  We get into the communities in the world known as Blue Zones and the following Blue Zones project that Joanne lead as the project coordinator.  I point out that Beany and Joannne, in their various roles that emanate a frequency of love, are absolutely creating a Blue Zone of their own here in the area.  We take an unexpected and heart warming turn down memory lane, we touch on Beany’s role in the minds of the youth and dive a little bit into the intersection of Spirituality and Religion in all of our lives.  And then we talk about food again.  Because it may just be food that heals the world.  I know that’s where I’ve landed after this inspiring conversation with two beautiful lights I am honored to have as friends.  IF you take anything from today, I do hope that you are inspired to support your local farms, learn about your food, go to farmers markets and begin to eat more seasonally since diversity is beneficial in every aspect of life.

  Show Notes

  • Prayer talk
  • The growth that comes with discomfort
  • Our culture of convenience
  • Our history and beautiful friendship
  • Making a conscious choice to create a life in the Midwest
  • The acupuncture point of food
  • The intricacies of growing food for a community
  • The growing pains of community outreach and education in the beginning
  • Food is personal
  • The divinity in Beany and Joanne’s love
  • The acupuncture point of love
  • Still kids at heart
  • The acupuncture point of education
  • High school teacher or stand up comedian?
  • The acupuncture point of the health care system
  • The intertwining world of food and health care
  • The Blue Zones Project initiative
  • Beany and Joanne are creating a Blue Zone with how they show up
  • Some of the lifestyle habits of Blue Zones
  • Every interaction is an opportunity to learn
  • Holding the space for an intentional farm community
  • Two side of the small community coin
  • Following our guiding light
  • Where are you creating from?
  • Beany has a very beautiful and vulnerable share
  • The intersection between religion and spirituality
  • Beany and Joanne’s exploration of religion
  • Detaching from ego
  • Thinking of the church like family
  • Eclisiastis 7:13
  • You never know the angels that walk amongst us
  • Surrendering to Divine Time or God’s Plan
  • Who is your dream guest and why?
  • Educating locally
  • Cultivating health over years one person at a time
  • A taste testing high school experiment 
  • The power of word suggestion 

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