Happy Leo Full Moon Lionhearts!

🌕 Happy Leo Full Moon on Thursday, January 28th at 2:16 pm est!

🦁 How’s your Lion Heart babe? Are you receiving love? Giving love? Guarding your love? Protecting the ones you love? How much energy is building? Like a lion, you might want to roar at this Full Moon, but in the pride’s playful kinda way.

🌻 All that sovereignty and truth that was so hard won in 2020 is ready to be taken out for a spin. It’s now your beacon of light to find those soul relationship connections that will fertilize your bloom to help it grow in the collective. Pick your garden with intention babes cuz you will flourish with the perfect environment.

❣️ Take charge of who you are by aligning with love. When you allow your life to unfold, rather than force it from fear, that joy and peace and purpose reveal themselves beautifully. Do you believe life is good? Do you freely give to others? We give without thought, expectation when we are in full alignment of love. If you feel an urge to give follow it, deepen your alignment, continue ascending out of ego (with grace cuz we only know what we know and when we grow we do better). Plus it feels really frickin good!

🌟How are you bugging yourself right now? It’s the message that’s coming up from within and it’s your higher self knocking to reveal the path to your majesty, your greatness. Answer the call. Act on it. Break old habits. This is the perfect opportunity to practice spontaneous intuitive yes’s. Honor your innate guidance, which also creates sensory activation and we all know what that leads to… presence in this moment. Because this moment is the perfect moment and how we embody this moment is where we go for the next and the one after that and on and on.

🥳 Have fun with this one! Mingle! Give freely! Say yes to your gut! Create new connections! Be the mighty Lion heart that you are!

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