Recalibrating Thoughts and Building My Van

I’m starting my VAN BUILD tomorrow! The one that I was suppose to start a month ago. Yep, here we are. And what was the delay? Energy, the delay was a blockage of energy, a lack of flow. It was old stories of fear, pressure and overwhelm, as well as new stories of difficulty. The noise crept in, got ahold and kinda ran wild. How difficult it would be, how much time it would take, the endless projects piling up, sifting through mounds of information. I was digging a hole deep enough to entertain the idea of abandoning my dream. People’s doubts became amplified. They started to feel like my own. I was manifesting the reality I was internalizing before I’d even begun! The build started to seem impossible and the days were ticking away adding the pressure of time to the unsettling mix.

So what was I to do? The one thing that I have now become more and more accustomed to in this New Earth calibration. I removed myself from the time pressure cooker that feeds off stress and doubt. I made it my job for days/weeks to recalibrate my thoughts, my energy and my connection. I had to peel back the layers that try to stick from all around. I went into creating the project in spirit so that I could begin it in physicality. I released the drive to begin from a space of overwhelm and pressure so that I could truly begin in a state of bliss. I spent those days in meditation to realign with my trust and belief and begin this project from the true blessing that it is. A chance to imagine and create my home from scratch with my pop, learning his wisdom, soaking in his passion, deepening our human space in this moment. To be in gratitude for my courage and to be open to the process, no longer dependent on the outcome. This took time, it took practice, it took intention and it took my ability to stop pushing through the resistance, create the space to explore it and then transform it. Mindset work transcends our timelines, our previous definitions of success.

Then I went and got myself a cute, yet functional pair of overalls to add to the excitement, the energy and the entire project!

Stick around. It’s gonna be WILD!

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