What’s A Spiritual Awakening and How Do I Get One?

What’s A Spiritual Awakening and How Do I Get One?

Episode Summary

Today we will be having an intimate talk, let’s call it Spirituality 101.  And then let’s add the current astrological weather to that talk.  I want to dig into the spiritual awakening that we are undergoing on our planet and how we can best work with it to live our best life and change the world by doing it.  We are talking about tangible practices for your alignment, ways to open up to flow and release resistance and what the heck is available to us when we do our work.  This is a precursor to come amazing guests I have in the line up.  I want to bridge this bigger energy portal to the our human existence.  Ultimately when we merge the two worlds within ourselves, we discover an abundance and peace so beautiful it automatically changes our environment.  Now imagine what could happen when we put that out into a collective that’s matching our vibration?  Yep, you see where I’m going.  Come and check it out!  Open your ears and your hearts.  You may just discover something that sets you up for a path you never thought possible!

  Show Notes

  • Harnessing the power of the planets
  • Syncing up with our higher selves
  • Changing the world through the vibration we emanate
  • We actually have to practice love
  • Light work on steroids
  • A world where basic needs are met
  • 2020 brought a lot of things
  • With big shake ups come big beliefs and big reckonings
  • Ego vs abundant timelines
  • Reframing automatic mindsets
  • Soul growth during shadow time
  • Our astrological imprint
  • Snapshot of you at birth
  • Our bodies hold knowledge
  • We have innate medical wisdom
  • Rabbit teacher
  • Why is the astrology so intense?
  • Moving into flow
  • We are the weather
  • Normalize emotional shifts
  • Finland school kids
  • Mercury Retrograde
  • All Aquarius all over the place this week
  • Back to the Renaissance, history repeats
  • Why alignment matters
  • Balancing the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine
  • Dismantling External and Internal systems
  • Your soul’s call to Source Energy
  • Where our innate health lives
  • Practice your alignment into default
  • Buddhists might be onto something!
  • Nervous system resets
  • Your go to higher dimension move
  • How are you manifesting?
  • Tools for spiritual practice
  • The sweet spot for soul growth
  • Do your work, emit a frequency
  • 2 affirmations to drop you into your spiritual awakening
  • A big ole list of Astrology Rock Stars

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