Walking This Earth As An Agent Of Change with Jet’aime Cheree

Walking This Earth As An Agent of Change with Jet’aime Cheree

Episode Summary

Welcome to a super powerful and sacred episode filled with so much magic.  I will tell you that I was so blessed to have this exchange with a full embodied Goddess here among us.  Jet’aime’s vibration and frequency is at such a level of intensity, passion and clarity that you will feel like you’ve been through a Soul Frequency Bootcamp!  We get taken on this beautiful path back to our Celestial selves where we can remember how dang magical we truly are.  Our talk is all about activating the full potential of our DNA in ancient knowledge and wisdom, being sovereign infinite magical humans, turning up our telepathy, the ages of Aries, Pisces and Aquarius, unlocking our purpose, passion and path and really the potential of this magnificent all be it intense collective awakening.  Get ready to add some new threads to your amazing tapestry today Loves.

  Show Notes

  • Galactic cousins
  • Animal energy appears
  • Being an Agent of Change
  • We are a raging inferno, the collective awakening
  • Galactivating – remembering our Celestial Origins
  • There’s no junk DNA
  • We are creating and manifesting all the time
  • What’s your word for 2021?
  • “Everything is happening for you and not to you”
  • Experiencing discomfort is part of the journey
  • We are weaving a tapestry that is the soul of our existence
  • What happens when we start to embody our dormant DNA
  • Linear vs. circular living
  • This is a present moment
  • Making evolution fun!
  • Status quo is not our frequency
  • Sovereignty is our birthright
  • The Age of Aries, Pisces and Aquarius, shadow and light sides
  • Finding strength and power in the dark spaces and places
  • Exposing and revealing our power in 2020 and 2021
  • The exploration of shadow
  • Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine in harmony
  • Lifetimes of Divine Feminine suppression
  • Weaver of words
  • A transformation with death
  • Living in the plateau
  • Soul contracts
  • Getting blasted into service
  • In loss we find ourselves closest to Source energy
  • Telepathy is our innate communication
  • Imagination is our birthright
  • We are all students and all the teachers are showing up
  • Purpose – passion – path
  • Magic is our innate currency
  • Teaching adults about the power of imagination
  • Imagination is the spark of our Godself
  • The science and magic of imagination brought together
  • Jet’aime’s podcast coming out party!
  • Who is your dream guest and why?

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