Vanlife, The Unseen Experiences with Linnea Schmelzer

Vanlife, The Unseen Experiences with Linnea Schmelzer

Episode Summary

Today I get to talk with Linnea of Linnea and Akela.  She is a self-taught van life builder, a solo female van lifer and very authentic human being and creator.  We had such a ball talking about the intricacies of women van builders and lifers in various ways, the soul growth that comes along with the whole process and finding joy in the ways the ways that we stretch ourselves in life. She’s helping to pioneering the way on youtube sharing her videos in an environment that’s typically male and couple dominated,  We also find out how this enormous transition has come at one of her most vulnerable times in life.  If you want to take a leap in your life, to embrace the fear to transform it or if you just want to get giddy and excited about all the things, come along for our fun, authentic and vulnerable exchange!  

  Show Notes

  • Linnea Schmelzer
  • Solo female van lifer
  • Solo female van builder
  • Why Linnea decided to create instructional videos for her van build
  • What Linnea does really well in her videos
  • Our Divine Feminine is coming online now
  • Learning from women
  • Let’s talk signs!
  • When people are triggered by your choices
  • Linnea’s draw to vanlife
  • How Linnea created a path to vanlife
  • We are nature
  • How van life might create a balance in technology and being outside
  • Linea’s family life in nature that led them to nomadic living
  • The very real meaning of how precious life is every day
  • Linnea shares a very deep grief from the loss of her father here on Earth
  • How vanlife supports the grieving process
  • Linnea’s sidekick Akela
  • Building the van around Akela’s needs
  • The benefits of a swivel seat
  • Redefining relationships
  • The soul growth in opening up and reflecting
  • Linnea quote
  • Taking a leap that your soul already knows
  • The negative effects of projecting fears onto others
  • We are taking risks every day
  • A big project catapults us into self discovery
  • Representation in all areas of life matters
  • What was your biggest discovery about yourself in the van build?
  • What was your biggest roadblock in the van build?
  • The puc light process
  • Embodying the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine
  • What does vanlife with intention mean to us?
  • “Bury your damn poop!”
  • Doing a van build on a budget
  • Encouragement to take on big projects alone for soul growth
  • Who is your dream guest and why?

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