It’s Time To Shine with Astrologer Colin Bedell

It’s Time To Shine with Astrologer Colin Bedell

Episode Summary

Colin Bedell is a queer Gemini Twin from Long Island, New York.  He’s a passionate student of secular personal-growth systems, and the universal spiritual themes explored in A Course in Miracles. Well & Good Magazine listed Colin as one of the most influential people in the wellness industry and as a 2020 Innovator. Complementing his work with QueerCosmos, Colin’s the weekly horoscope writer for His bestselling first book A Little Bit of Astrology from Sterling Publishers debuted November ‘18, his second book Queer Cosmos: The Astrology of Queer Identities & Relationships which launched last November was ranked the #1 Astrology book for beginners by the DailyDot magazine, and his third book Gemini by Sterling debuted January 2020.

In all respects, this conversation is meant to change the worlds.  Colin Bedell has such a gift at digging deep and hitting it where we all need right now to move forward in a New Earth where we function with critical thinking, Astrology referencing and brighter and bolder inclusive frameworks.  If you are a lover of Astrology, buckle up, you’re about to go on a wild and aligned energetic ride.  If you’re new to it, hold on because this will get you even more excited to dive in!  We get into personal planets, reflection work, manifestation, coming together for a New Earth, the biggest transit of 2021, some big inspirations and in general a heck of a lotta fun babes!

  Show Notes

  • How I found Colin, the lovely Chris Corsini
  • All the Gemini’s in the room
  • What’s your top three? (Astrological signs)
  • Embracing every sign
  • Being curious about the previous framework of Astrology
  • The Universe is all inclusive
  • I smell an Aries!
  • A very thorough Gemini breakdown
  • A malotov cocktail
  • Your Astrology chart is intentional
  • An Aries synapsis
  • What it means to fearlessly own your desires
  • Let’s talk about the personal planets
  • The proposal of your natal chart
  • 2020 shifts for people and the collective
  • Dress rehearsal is over
  • Contributing your gifts and skills for humanity
  • What drew Colin to Astrology?
  • A mother
  • An existential quarter-life crisis
  • “Hitting my Mars in Cancer nerve”
  • Finding peace through our vessel here as humans
  • There is a possibility of another way through trauma
  • A kid and his Capricorn moon has conviction!
  • Exploring sober dark nights of the soul
  • From bottoming out to Marianne Williamson
  • Scarcity deep dive
  • De-hypnosis for soul growth
  • Let’s talk about Colin’s Capricorn traits
  • Colin is a therapist’s Astrologer
  • Cardinal sign similarities and strengths together
  • What’s your Astrology superpower?
  • Colin’s mission statement
  • We have the entire Zodiac within us
  • The Astrological New Year
  • Trauma Treatment and Trauma Recovery comparison
  • 9.24.2019
  • A deep look at relationships and love
  • Radical responsibility and freedom
  • Saturn squaring Uranus, the transit of 2021
  • Why is it that we are trained to expect so little?
  • Who is your dream guest and why?

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