How to Design Your Home with Inspiration from Astrology

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Designing your home’s interior is one of the best parts of becoming a homeowner. Whether that’s painting your walls an inspirational sky blue or splurging on that cozy velvet chair- the options are endless. But to have a design that complements your lifestyle with your personality may be a little more daunting. And that’s where Astrology comes in to help you design your perfect space.

Chances are you likely know your zodiac sign, a Water sign (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio), Earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo), Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), or Air sign (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra). But Astrology goes beyond your Sun sign, which is why we’ve consulted expert Astrologers for their best advice. Whether you’re living in sunny Miami, FL or in rainy Seattle, WA, you can decorate your space with inspiration from Astrology for a happier home.

A beautiful, abundant home is always connected to Jupiter. So work more sapphire and amethyst into your energy design to harness higher blessings into your life while Jupiter transits Aquarius and heads to Pisces in 2022. Set your sapphire décor in your office or workspace where its genius vibration will serve you best while hyper-charging your productivity and good fortune through its connection to expansive Jupiter in Aquarius. Style your favorite water spaces with choice amethyst to turn them into spiritually-charged healing and meditative sanctuaries that are sublimely connected to the angelic influences of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. If a house tributes to Jupiter it will be blessed so incorporate a gold or silver glyph of Jupiter near the entry of your home to magnetize spiritual protection and divine favor into the lives of all who dwell there. – Sal & Amari Russo, Starseed Astrology

Create a space that’s meaningful and balanced. As a Libran and surface designer, my aesthetic is all about balance: creating a space that is creative, inspiring, and energetic as well as peaceful and welcoming. Whatever your star sign may be, I recommend decorating your space with objects that are both beautiful and meaningful, adding color that speaks to your soul’s vibration. My ‘Zodiac Watercolor’ decorative tray adds a touch of magic and imagination to any room. – Jacqueline Maldonado

Consult Vedic Astrology & Vatsu when designing your home. As per Vedic Astrology & Vastu, the northeast corner of a house is the most auspicious area and it should always be clean and clutter free. Northeast areas can have a prayer room, guest room, kids study room, but it should never have a toilet. The northeast corner should not be extended or cut. Issues in the northeast area affect health, economic prosperity, and children’s progress. – Gyan Sharma, Astro Listing

Align zodiac themes with your home’s design. Connecting your home selection and design to your family’s zodiac themes can bring extra special joy to everyday life. Knowing what colors represent the month you were born including birthday flowers, relatable music, specific themes in pictures, smells in candles, and theme-centered decorative styles. You can also create individual space for each birthday month in the home. This gives your life that unique touch that brings exuberant energy to celebrating the family. – Chrystal L. Pynn, Cowgirl Astrologer

Have zodiac decor around the home office or shared office space. It can be a fun way to add a little bit of personalization into a space and can be a great way to start a conversation. Based on your element, you might consider adding a zodiac inspired decor in the following way: Fire Signs- unique and different items have a story behind them, such as a journal. Earth Signs- aesthetically pleasing but functional items such as keepsake boxes. Air Signs- items that showcase your personality and taste, such as an art print. Water Signs- accessories that will help warm up the space, such as a throw pillow. – Soothi

Look to the stars, literally. Design an upstairs lookout room, where a telescope and bookshelf for Astronomy are the focus, skylights to have a direct visual to our celestial origins and don’t forget to utilize colors associated with your personal planets and themes throughout your space. – Lori Reising, Podcast Host, Retreat Leader, Educator, The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

Always have a reminder of Astrology in your home. I love these Astrology signs, because they provide simple, artistic beauty and can also be quite meaningful depending on how they are displayed. For example, you can hang the entire 12 signs to represent the full spectrum, or simply hang the signs that are prominent in your personal chart. They add so much beauty to my sanctuary. – Debra Silverman, Debra Silverman Astrology

Harness the energy of the Moon. For a couple of days every month, the Moon spends time in each of the zodiac signs and we will feel the influence of that sign. When the Moon is transiting the sign of Libra, this is the best time to get home décor inspiration because Libra’s eye for aesthetics loves creating a home environment that is harmonious, relaxing, elegant, and beautiful even in the most ordinary of spaces and using minimal money and resources. Libra Moon times make us feel naturally creative which can be wonderful to express through your home’s interior design and decoration. – Simone Samuels Astrologer and Lunar Coach @simonesamuelswellness

Your moon sign influences your design ideas. A home’s energy needs to make a person feel good and help them connect to a sense of serenity, peace, and calm. The best way to find that via your stars is through your moon sign. This is the sign that the moon was in when you were born and not necessarily the same as your sun sign. While most people commonly refer to themselves by their sun sign, the place where the moon lives in our astrology is more important when it comes to personal home’s décor. The moon is your emotional fortress and place you need to connect to in order to feel good, balanced and harmonized. Each sign connects to a color and one of the easiest ways to incorporate your moon sign is to accent its color.

Aries = Red, Taurus = Pink & Pale Blue, Gemini = Yellow, Cancer = Smoky greys and greens, Leo = Golden Yellow, Virgo = Navy Blue, Dark Greys, Browns, Libra = Pale Blue & Pink, Scorpio = Dark Red, Maroon & Black, Sagittarius = Purple & Dark Regal Blue, Capricorn = Dark Green, Black, Dark Greys, Aquarius = Electric Blue, Pisces = Sea Green – Crystal B., professional astrologer, Astro Therapist, and teacher of astrology

Consider the ways a natal chart can guide design decisions and aesthetic sensibilities. Two great places to look include your Venus placement (the planet of love, yes, but also beauty and personal taste) and the sign of your 4th House (which rules the home), plus any planets you have there. Research the qualities of these placements for insight into what might appeal to you. For example, a Libra Venus may crave a balanced and symmetrical design scheme, while someone with Mercury in the 4th House might be a bibliophile with an extensive home library. – Abigail Brennan, Abigail Nora

Incorporate aspects of the four elements – earth, fire, air, and water – it will help you feel grounded and balanced as soon as you walk in the door. Make sure you have an area dedicated to work and productivity (earth), space to socialize (air), room to be active and move around (even if it’s just a dance party) (fire), and a quiet space to find solitude and recuperate (water). You can even take it up a notch and incorporate the colors associated with each element into these spaces: neutral tones for earth, jewel tones for fire, yellow and gold tones for air, and pastels/blue tones for water. – Sofia Adler, Sofia Adler Astrology

Mix your Sun and Moon sign styles. A home is our place to feel safe and seenso a nice mix of your Sun and Moon sign styles can provide the perfect balance of both. Check out the element and symbol associated with these two natal planets for ideas on textures and colors to incorporate into your home décor. – Sara Paasch, Astrologer + Life Coach

Your Moon sign and Venus sign guides you to the right living space. If you want to see what living space you thrive best in and would be happiest with, check your Moon sign and Venus sign. The Moon tells us what kind of home environment we are most comfortable with, while Venus shows us how we like to decorate. For example, a Leo moon thrives in bright, sunny spaces; a Pisces moon is happiest living by the ocean; Venus in the sign of Taurus goes for luxurious, plushy sofas, rugs and velvet drapes, while Venus in Aquarius wants a sleek, high-tech, modern look with lots of gadgets. – Irlianna Samsara, Starsound Astrology, host of StarSound Speaks, a podcast on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube

Bring in designs that reflect your sun, moon, and rising sign. In order to have an interior design that reflects your full astrological self, you’ll need to integrate elements that align with your sun, moon, and rising sign. It’s easiest to start with the four elements. Fire signs do well with shades of red and orange. Air signs do best with whites and yellows. For earth signs, look for greens and browns. And, for water signs, you’ll want blues and purples. This can apply to wall colors, trims, accents, or even furniture and bed spreads. – Andy Bellatti, Astrology with Andy 

Embrace your element – fire signs should focus on bright colors, lots of mirrors, and unique pieces from your travels. Air signs need a home that is set up for socializing with outdoor spaces such as a rooftop or landscaped garden. Earth signs should always remind that their home is an extension of themselves and where they recharge, keep it spacious with lots of indoor plants. Water signs need a big kitchen and even bigger bathtub, your home should be able to take care of others and yourself. Secondly, take a look to see what sign the 4th house is on your natal chart as this governs how you connect with home and family. Take cues from the attributes of the sign, including its element, archetype and essence, and you’ll be amazed at how well your space can express you at a deeper level. – Danielle Mercurio, Confidence Coach, Podcast Host and Speaker

Look to the fourth house. The fourth house is the area of your personal astrology chart that represents the home and your feelings of being grounded in the world. To learn how to decorate your home according to astrological principles, you should have a consultation with an astrologer who can tell you which sign falls on the fourth house of your birth horoscope. For example, if it’s Aquarius, you might prefer a modern, streamlined “smart” home with many high tech devices, bare hardwood floors, graphic prints, lots of bright blue and white colors, large windows, and lots of open space that evokes a feeling of freedom. – Juliana Swanson, Vedic Astrology Consultant and Wellness Coach, Astral Harmony

Your sign makes your home design unique. Every sign has their own way of bringing their idea of beauty (Venus) and comfort (Moon) into their home and truly our birth charts are what makes each of us unique in that we all have a fourth house and especially the sign on the cusp. The sign on our 4th or the planets therein will be much more descriptive of a person’s tastes. For instance Scorpio ruled by Pluto prefers darker colors while Libra, Taurus, and Leo prefer much more vibrant and colorful, Sagittarius and Gemini will decorate with books and wisdom quotes, Capricorn with expensive tapestries, Cancer loves antiques, etc. Embrace your specific uniqueness by having a consultation with our Astrologers today. – Rebeca Eigen, Soulful Practitioner at Our Sight Your Light

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