A Lineage Disruptor with Jocelyn Gordon

A Lineage Disruptor with Jocelyn Gordon

Podcast Episode Summary

Called a “Yoga Rebel” by Yoga Journal Magazine, Jocelyn Gordon is known for her joyful integrations of dance, yoga and meditation – HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie Yoga. She has toured nationally with Wanderlust, is a six-time presenter at the Bali Spirit Festival, has worked with Academy Award winning actresses Halle Berry and Marisa Tomei, and was recently featured on Apple News as the Meditation Guide for the Essence Magazine Virtual Wellness House.

Today’s conversation is a really powerful one to support us in dropping into the gravity of the conscious and subconscious wounding and patterns that are handed down through our lineage, how we can intentionally disrupt those patterns and doing it from a place of center and ultimate love to create healthy change.  It really highlights the incredible magic that is held in so many ways through relationships, incarnations, human experiences and intentional living.  Jocelyn’s vulnerable wisdom shines in the most gorgeous of ways.

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  Show Notes

Healing our Motherline through generations
Doses of forgiveness
Deep truths that show up as a child
The initiation to the Medicine Wheel
The Crohn, The Mother, The Maiden, The Girl
A human statement
A conversation for every gender and every lineage
A Grandmother’s gift of initiation
Jocelyn creates her own miracle
Reclaiming our voice and our power
A profound returning to self
We can be two things in relationship
Shifting our default patterns
Ancestral healing
Pain into power
The messages in women’s cycles
The transformational process of birth and death
Subconscious messages that seep in
What do you want to bring in and how do you want to do it?
Conscious creation and consumption
Let’s all get life doulas!
Covid positives and negatives
A deep dive into sovereignty
The question provides the space so ask the question
Extracting yourself from the matrix
Working with the circle or spiral
Re-entering this culture of separation and polarity
Hoop therapy talk
Return to beginner’s mind
HoopYogini work
Accessing flow states
Who is your dream guest and why?

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