Vanlife, Making Sweet Sweet Music with Ira Wolf and Lee Henke

Vanlife, Making Sweet Sweet Music with Ira Wolf and Lee Henke

Podcast Episode Summary

Welcome to today’s episode!  It is so dang good.  It is the first in my impromptu vanlife interviews and the bar has been set crazy high y’all.
Ira and Lee are so warm, hilarious and fun.  Our conversation was engaging and thoughtful from the start.  We are definitely on a first gathering post-Covid high and you can feel it.  The energy is pumping.  We get into the power in community, how Ira and Lee’s love and vanlife journey has unfolded, the healing vibration and vulnerability in sharing music, a live performance! What?  Yep that and so much more.  There’s talk of Alaska, hot tubs, mic drops and money!  Come on along for an hour that is going to elevate your spirit in so many ways babes.

Show Notes

How vanlife and music collide for Ira and Lee
The first gathering post-Covid
The unfolding of Ira and Lee’s love
Doing vanlife together
The bond of living parallel lives
The power of support groups and community
The New Earth Living of creating your reality
Reframing bravery
The shared experience of vanlife
“It’s Good To Be Back”
A beautiful live performance with Ira and Lee “Engine Trouble”
Lori loses her shit
Having an emotional support person
Sharing music is the ultimate vulnerability
The energy of live music compared to live streaming
Feeding off the energy of a crowd
The ultimate hot tub gig
An invitation from a place of vulnerability
Nothing is forever
A mic drop moment
We all had a hamster wheel jump in Covid
Some diamonds in the bottom of a dumpster fire
What does necessity mean?
Ira and Lee’s hearts are in the wilderness
Alaska calls
Lee’s dream starts with a saw and goes to Alaska
Being called back to the land
Show me the money!
Figuring out how to value ourselves in a whole new way
Art is necessary
Who is your dream guest be and why?
Generational gap jam session
To be a geese goose

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