Your Imperfect Is Perfect with Candyss Love and Dox Diggla

Your Imperfect Is Perfect with Candyss Love and Dox Diggla

Podcast Episode Summary

Welcome to today’s episode! It’s called ‘Your Imperfect Is Perfect with Candyss Love and Dox Diggla’.  Mmmmmm, feel those words y’all.  When I feel into aligned, conscious and intentional love, this is where I go.  To the space that these two beautiful soul beings have cultivated through their individual soul growth and union from that sacred foundation.  Just take a moment to imagine if we learned as children through example and the surrounding culture that relationships come and go and are there as teachers for our soul!??  Mmm, mm, mm.  That has been my dream throughout my life, to just fully explore connections without the control, judgement, reaction and imbalance that dominate our evolution in societal programming.  And that runs deep.  I can’t wait for you to feel the words you are about to hear.  They are so intentional and really of the magic that is our birthright to experience.  The breakthrough healing that is coming more and more online for us as we move out of the hamster wheel matrix we were handed.  I do want to reiterate that both Candyss and Dox offer individual soul healing sessions.  You’re about to see why this could be the most precious gift that moves your evolution in profound ways, Babes.

Show Notes

I’m invested in your love
The gestation phase of love
Love conscious soul leaders
Dox’s cliff notes from rock bottom to soul enlightenment
When support comes from the most beautiful of places
Honor’s Yoga with Jay English
Feeling unfit for human consumption
Check out Candyss’s previous podcast episode with me!
Candyss’s cliff notes from rock bottom to soul enlightenment
3 years sober!
Intentional healing to create the groundwork
Becoming an unexpected conduit
Recognizing ego and the time warp of surrender
Allowing pain to be your guide
Conquering the sexual beast
Mantak Chia – male sexual energy elixir
“I remember the day I felt the wind for the first time.”
Solitude as a healing journey
A Divine intervention and unfolding through social media channels
An easy flow
Breaking down programmed trust vs. embodied trust
The essence of feminine energy
Freedom within connection
Nothing or no one can be owned
Your imperfect is perfect
In the now moment of relationships
Ramana Maharshi
Feeling impermanence, the great relaxant
“We’re all just walking each other home”. Ram Daas
Who is your dream guest and why?
The individual intentional work to be in this union
Work with Candyss and Dox!

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4 thoughts on “Your Imperfect Is Perfect with Candyss Love and Dox Diggla

  1. Nieama Booker

    I want to start by acknowledging you. Candyss was on point when she said your spirit shines through. Hearing their story on your platform was destiny. This interview was what I needed on my own journey. Dox is a great friend of mine and he is a constant reminder that we have to do the individual work first. His union with Candyss is inspiring but not on any superficial level. It’s deeper than that. When you are able to acknowledge the idea of both connection and disconnection within a union, it’s freeing. You are no longer tethered to the idea of connection as society has told you. I can go on forever so I’ll stop here. Thank you for this. LiveLaughLove, Nieama

    1. Lori Reising

      Hi hi! Oh, thank you so much for this! I love that this was in perfect Divine time for you to hear. I feel the exact same way with these two very special Lights here on the Earth plain. Sending big big hugs Nieama. xoxo

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