Embodiment and Bravery with Eryn Johnson

Embodiment and Bravery with Eryn Johnson

Podcast Episode Summary

Welcome to today’s episode called Embodiment and Bravery with Eryn Johnson.  I really wanted to share a conversation that highlights pride month, queerness, courage, bravery and the unfolding journey of boldly being who we came here to be and wow, does this one deliver!  We talk about religious trauma, harmful messages, shame, family attachment, higher consciousness practices, embodiment, healing through art, the immense benefits of breath work and more.

There is something so dang exciting in this episode that I’m keeping it a surprise for now, but I can’t wait for you to hear it!  If you know me you know that I am working with divine timing and this conversation is the ultimate expression of it in it’s greatest display! 

Show Notes

The evolution of Eryn’s podcast Living Open
The power of experience in learning
Deep subconscious programming and religion
Familial culture
Discovering a personal faith and practice
The death and rebirth of selves
Systems that create blocks to fully knowing our truth
The vulnerability to share the journey of full embodied sexuality
Practices to support shadow work
Know our truth through art
Practices that orient Eryn to the present
Rituals and practices that meet us in the moment
Pleasure matters
Life is happening in the present moment
HUGE surprise announcement from Eryn!
Sitting with reactions in life
Breath work embodiment
The power of moving emotional blockages
Meeting yourself where you are
Body consciousness
A forever practice
Our truth in breath work
Eryn shares her art
Reclaiming parts of history
Who is your dream guest and why?

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