Quantum Transformation, Money Mindset and Miracles with Suzy Ashworth

Quantum Transformation, Money Mindset and Miracles with Suzy Ashworth

Podcast Episode Summary

Suzy Ashworth is a mum of three, seven figure serial entrepreneur, Hay House author, international keynote speaker, quantum transformation and embodiment coach and believer in miracles.  Her superpower is working with science, strategies and spirit to help conscious entrepreneurs create six figure breakthroughs in their business FAST, so that they can create a powerful, positive difference in the world!

Faith + Action = Miracles.  That is the Suzy Ashworth mantra and after you dive into our convo today, it may just be yours too, babes!  We get into some soul living, conscious entrepreneurship, money mindset break throughs, embodied alignment practice and superpowers stuff!  There is so much richness here.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not (which I actually believe we ALL are in different forms), you will walk away feeling ready to take on the world.  And actually do it, with tangible steps to take immediately.  Suzy even blesses us with a snippet of her coaching magic.  She turned the tables on me when we got deep into the money mindset and business revenue belief systems.  You can definitely feel the power of her soul’s mission in creating a tidal wave of conscious thought leaders and entrepreneurs.  This is not one to miss!

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  Show Notes

Suzy and Lori’s parallels
Faith + Action = Miracles
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
The power of intention
The light and shadow of all things
What’s your superpower?
The magic of innovation
A continuum of ideas
Shit happens, it’s not about avoiding it
A life of ease or where life can be more easeful
Creating from alignment
The response to difficult days
Tools for flow
Transforming the story of the mind
What happens when we chose not to grow?
What is Quantum Transformation?
The most powerful coaching
The quantum flow practice
Money mindset exchange
Changing belief systems
You get to decide
Calibrating to the new frequency
Suzy offers an amazing mini-coaching session around money mindsets
What stories need to be reprogrammed?
Your ability to receive money is a skill set
Your ability to receive money is not inherent to your worthiness
The importance of separating the story from the feeling
Our relationship with failure
Am I being the type of person who earns 6 figures, 8 figures this year?
Suzy is a super implementor
Investing in mentors and coaches, choosing accountability 
Powerful question exchange
Coaching work reflection
Programs step by step
The secret is there is no secret
Who’s doing it in a way that feels aligned for me?
Who would your dream guest by and why?

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