Our Consciousness Evolution with Intuitive Astrologer Molly McCord

The Consciousness Evolution with Intuitive Astrologer Molly McCord

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Molly McCord is a best-selling author or ten books, intuitive astrologer, modern consciousness teacher and has hosted a successful podcast since 2012.  She has published 12 books, created numerous online programs, hosted a weekly podcast with over 2 million downloads and advised numerous entrepreneurs and small business owners to better results.  With over 25 years of sales, marketing, business development and leadership experience, Molly aims to support more entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, healers and authors build their dream businesses in practical, solid ways.

In today’s Season 3 podcast premiere our dear friend and favorite Intuitive Astrologer Molly McCord is back to fire us up and balance us out for all that is shifting and evolving in our worlds.  If you’ve listened to our first two episodes then you know how giddy I get when Molly is near.  Her and I can lift the heavens with our excitement.  There’s a reason she has so generously offered her time, wisdom and magic in each of my seasons.  Today we really dive into the exquisite gifts of understanding your personal planets and how they can be some of your best support personally and collectively.  We also open up the energies of the significant consciousness evolution currently underway, how to stay in alignment internally while there seems to be chaos externally and what the USA’s Pluto Return means as it all unfolds.  This convo is not to be missed y’all.  Oh, And Molly gives us an exclusive!  Yasssss peoples.  We get to hear an exclusive from Molly, heard first here on the podcast so stick around for that.  I gotta say, It feels a little like my birthday with this huge share from her!.  If you love what we are throwing down here in this episode, we both would be so grateful for your time and energy of a star rating or review on Apple podcasts.  It really helps get this valuable insight and hella fun exchange out to more listeners!  Heck, go ahead and hit that subscribe button while you’re at it.  I bring the energy and ah ma zing guests with every episode, I do, I pinky swear promise.  I know you’ll get tons of support by tuning in regularly!

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Show Notes

Recap of Molly’s two previous episode with us
You are not imagining it, these are big energies, astrology and times
Your energy signature, your personal planets
Recipe for your personality
Honoring your authenticity
Applying the personal planets to relationship dynamics
Huge breakthrough in relationship expectations!
What the heck are transits and how do they affect us?
Transits are the cosmic weather
How transiting energies talk to our own energy field and the collective energy field
Reconnecting to our body consciousness and feminine energy
We are more intuitive than we’ve ever been
We get to reprogram external fears
Time period of conscious choice for us all
Body consciousness is wildly powerful
A holistic sensory experience
Listening to the creation energy in our cells
Relationships that reflect healing for us
Discernment brings us to a higher vantage point
A new way of life in consciousness and evolution
The upcoming astrology, dismantling and building
Splitting of realities or worlds
USA’s Pluto return
Anything that has completed it’s energy will expire
What does a USA Pluto return mean?
Energies of change collectively and individually
Transition energy of uncertainty
The importance of taking care of our energy and nervous systems
The significance of Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd House
The economic changes ahead
How the Age of Aquarius is a big support during these Pluto changes
When is the rebirth?
Your Pluto Return superpower
Who would your dream guest be and why?

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