Celebrating Life In Death

Celebrating Life In Death








Podcast Episode Summary

Join me for today’s special podcast episode that has come as a channeled message from my guides about the celebration in death, the possibilities in death and the even joy that can be found in death.  It’s about rewriting a limiting, archaic and unfortunate narrative we’ve been sold around death.  The veil continues to get thinner with every energy portal and event in this great human evolution that is currently underway.  We have a grand opportunity to fully inhabit the sacred ownership and honor of life and death.  And death has a gift for us as we open up to it’s exquisite potentials and possibilities. I am here to share with you how understanding the pure joyful life in death can actually make powerful transformations for us here and now.

Show Notes

Death is the only guarantee
Exploring the celebration of life in death
Adversity and challenges always create new possibilities and opportunities
The importance of conscious consumption
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The great awakening and thinning veil
We are vibrational beings that get to choose how we vibrate in this Universe
The limiting narrative we’ve been historically sold about death
Feeling into two pathways with death
Death as a gateway to dissolving human karma and wounding
Revisiting our relationship to death
Finding and choosing new possibilities in programmed experiences
Tempering instinct to feel out new messages
Changing the narrative with higher consciousness practices
Feeling the true glory of Valhalla
Detaching with love
A brief final light connection guided meditation

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Life In Death

  1. Sarah

    Thank you so much for this. I have always felt very differently about death than most people and it’s been very hard to talk about, especially in condolences when my friends have experienced loss, because I feared people would see me as being insincere. Your episode really helped me to put words to the feelings I’ve alway known, but haven’t been able to communicate. So much love and light to you Lori✨🌙💫

    1. Lori Reising

      Yes Sarah! I completely agree. I think it took my guides giving me a definitive yes and very profound experiences over many years to feel fully comfortable sharing this message that can dramatically shift our human experience. Thank you for sharing with us!!! 💫💫💫

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