Break Free From the Matrix, Live in Your Vibrant and Joyful Life Force Now

Release The Matrix, Live in Your Full and Vibrant Life Force Starting Now with my upcoming Awaken Your Life Force digital course!
✔️ Does it feel like some relationships in your life need to evolve, but you cannot find the clear action to create that shift?
✔️ Have you been living in chronic pain, but cannot find the support or answers to create a change?
✔️ Do you find yourself in a job that decreases your vitality day after day, but stay in it for the benefits, the pension, all the supposed to’s?
✔️ Do you crave a healthier life and experience, but have a hard time accessing the motivation or courage to create those changes?
✔️ Are you feeling the call to move, to explore, to experience the world in new locations and ways, but don’t know how to manifest the change?
✔️ Do you meditate, but get frustrated because you still live in daily stress?
✔️ Are you overwhelmed with the time it takes to take care of your family’s needs?
✔️ Do you grieve your loved ones that have transitioned and wish you could transform the sadness?
✔️ Do you feel like mystical experiences are out of your reach and only made for other people?
✔️ Do you sacrifice sleep for time?
✔️ Do you tend to react from habit instead of respond with intention?
✔️ Are you feeling the pull to prioritize yourself and invest in your enlightenment and joy because you know that will be the quickest way to be aligned and available for your experience and for those you love?
The awakening is underway. The energies are inviting you in. I am here to be your guide into the reawakening of spirit, of holistic wellness, of light, of sovereignty, of Divine connection and of life force energy! We are talking intention setting, ceremony, sacred empowerment, dynamic embodiment, cellular release and activation, humor, body unwinding (which is the most natural high you could ever experience and deepest movement into your receiving, nurturing, manifesting and source energy), pelvic bowl intention, awareness and actuation. Astral guidance and connections, guided meditations.
If this feels in alignment for where you are at and what you are seeking, do not delay! Right now I have the early bird price of 250, that’s 100 bucks off the launch price of $350 and after this LIVE, L. I. V. E. Course, the evergreen price goes up to $500. You are getting a lifetime of my knowledge and education for 50 bucks per session. It’s wild! But if you know me, you know it’s important to be to make holistic wellness and vibrancy in these human bodies accessible in every way.
Awaken Your Life Force digital course
If you’ve been curious about pelvic floor therapy, jump in. If you’re ready to discover the power your body has to release blockages and pain, jump in. If you’re ready to connect with your higher self, guides, angels and Source energy, jump in. If you want to create more intentional ritual and spiritual practice in your life, jump in. If you want to make quantum shifts in your healing and innate potential, jump in. If you want to feel your body holistically unwind the traumas stored within, jump in. If you’re curious about how vibrant life can be, JUMP IN, Loves. 💫
Use the discount code EARLYBIRD to get 100 bucks off through October 22nd, shoot me a message with any and all of your questions. I am here for you.
I’ll be going live on Instagram ( Fridays at 9:00 am pst until registration closes 11/12/21 to talk more about this life changing experience and answer your questions! 🦋✨🦋

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