Robust Health Is an Inside Job with Dr Peter Borten

Robust Health is an Inside Job with Dr Peter Borten

Podcast Episode Summary

Join me for today’s episode.  It’s called Robust Health Is an Inside Job with Dr Peter Borten.  Yep, a fan favorite is back.  He has such an amazing holistic approach to health and wellness, which is where most of our mainstream medicine dramatically misses the mark.  We get into the past eighteen months of coronavirus, medications, pharmaceuticals, the importance of early treatment and prevention and how your number one job should absolutely be an investment in yourself.
Show Notes

Is life happening for you or to you?
Being in service as a healthcare practitioner
Patriarchal structure of our world
Our higher self
The physician who treats herself has a fool for a patient
The balance of the healthcare and patient relationship
The danger in polarization
The discomfort to stretch into finding balance
Fear sells, media creates public opinion
Journalism with integrity
Review of Coronavirus
The fatality rate
Covid debate and polarization
The importance of early prevention and treatment
Body awareness and consciousness
Superior medicine, not just for Covid
Foresight is hard to have in our culture
Robust health
Weston Price
Eleven planet Earths to sustain the USA’s lifestyle
The role of polypharmacy in worse outcomes
Hallmarks of robust health and true whole life wellness – pdf download below
The Well Life book by Peter and Briana Borten
How do we achieve the robust life?
You can increase your immunity in so many ways
Liquid as a metaphor for life
A protocol for immunity, prevention and early treatment
The role of sugar and stress in disease
Who wants a Brazil nut?
Supplements to supplement a healthy lifestyle with
Living in a world with conscious people all around us
Showing up fully
Who is your dream guest and why

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Lori’s DNA Light Code Activation Meditation
Lori’s Affirmations for Alignment and Abundance Digital Download
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