Reflections on your 15th Stillbirth Day

My daughter would have been 15 years old today if she hadn’t grown wings when she was born still.

Our bodies deeply hold the entirety of our experiences during our lives and beyond. The conscious experiences really create much of our reality, even after time has passed and we’ve transformed the events.

The past few days have been a resurgence of the programmed stress response my body used to hold, especially in those first 7 years after her transition to Spirit. Yep, 7 years. I had to claw my way back to joy, love and desire for this life without her, while I continued to lose more and more.  It tested me and everyone around me relentlessly. I spent years in tears and gut wrenching pain. I feel immense gratitude that I finally caught myself and created the space to transform my grief into a purpose and passion in this life and for honoring a profound experience very few will ever know.

It is through my daily alignment practice + my ascension dedication to shed this dangerous programming of fear, scarcity, comparison and lack culture that I can now download the radical messages of my journey in this lifetime and the importance of every single experience. We hold creation knowledge within when we can tap into the Universal Force energy, but when we are sent messages constantly (CONSTANTLY) through media, news, pop culture, linear learning, gender biases, government policies and the eternal attack on our Divine Feminine that intuitive power becomes feared, fractured and denied. I still have moments of extreme sadness without my daughter since that is the dominant message of worthiness around us. I am not celebrated for the amount of strength it took me to stay alive, to build a new life, to hold a baby, to find utter joy and abundance as a single woman without her children…. BUT when I clear all that lower vibration bullshit, I can sit in complete fing AWE of the depth of my emotional well, of my journey with her, of what it took to give birth to her body, of 15 years of fighting to understand our sacred truth and to uncover the GREAT roles we both play in creating deep healing in this Earth from our bridge between our human and Spirit realms. 

Happy birthday Duniya Eve, my forever 💫✨💫

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