Extracting Wisdom From Every Moment with Sanyu Estelle

Extracting Wisdom From Every Moment with Sanyu Estelle

Podcast Episode Summary
Welcome to today’s episode!  It’s called Extracting Wisdom From Every Moment with Sanyu Estelle.  And dang, I’m telling you we went pretty deep into some super interesting places today.  Sanyu definitely brings it with some tarot highlights, language and communication exploration, body consciousness and emotional intelligence and more but it really comes down to the alignment with our relationship to the state of existence in every moment. And that is a profound understanding.  I can’t wait for you to move through this big tapestry we weave into that final profound truth we are always in.

Show Notes
The creativity in Sanyu Estelle and her team
Sanyu’s debut music album
Embracing the unknown
What Earth do you want to be a part of?
The single hierarchical narrative
The opportunity of the Heirophant year
I choose myself over comfort
The Tarot and Tarot readings
Etymology is the origin of words
Philology is the culture that words create
The energetic signature that has developed through language
Words are a placebo effect
Triadic Universe, Feminine, Androgynous, Masculine
Body Consciousness and Emotional Intelligence and Linear Culture
Using the Tarot to describe relationship patterns
Emotional intelligence is a human superpower
Existence is happening for you
There’s no getting to the solution of a math problem without the problem
Your perception is completely you
We’re never not feeling
The transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius
We are here at this time for big reasons
Existence co-signed all of us
It’s an exciting time to break genetic coding and reform DNA
The Fool’s Journey gives everything they have to the moment
Who would be your dream guest and why?
We are on the brink of a Renaissance

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