December Astrology and The Gemini Full Moon Power!

Happy Gemini Full Moon on Saturday, 12/18/21 at 11:36 pm EST!

December is wildly important for the yummy expansion of our souls, not to mention the Earth!  It’s like the ultimate party in Galactic Center activation!  I mean we are talking 12/12 portal gateway, through this Moon and on to the Winter Solstice portal so……. You in?!?  

To recap, full moons bring things to light, to illumination and in this dynamic time of Mercury, Gemini, Jupiter, Venus, Chiron, Pluto and Neptune, let us get ready to level up with the incoming balance of facts and information about true healing and health, as well as the revelation of underlying secrets and motives.  So keep your discernment flag flying high y’all.  It’s ‘bout to get put to gooooooood use.  

Now is the time to get super real with what’s true and your best gauge has been with you all along.  Unplug, tune in, turn ya fine self up and listen.  The Universe is always trying to co-create with us, but when we effort, when we control, when we decide from a place of fear, when we push hard, we block our beautifully orchestrated messages.  Choices are always available.  And now more than ever, they are highlighted so how easily are you able to adapt, how open are you to pivot?  How good would it feel to effort less and flow more?  

This is a profound time of enhancing all of your senses, your innate knowingness,  your intuitive guidance.  With the thinking energies of Gemini, you get the grounding spin of practical insight so pay attention to your body consciousness.  It will produce tangible answers in magical ways when you release the habitual reactions, get curious and follow its lead.  How do you perceive the messages of the world?  Now is the time to stop being fooled or even fooling ourselves with the power of Eris.  And time to rest the ego, own up to a world we came into with all kinds of power dynamics, capitalist culture and agendas.  We get to course correct throughout our entire lives!  We are timeless and when we truly inhabit that knowing, every age is the perfect age to reject the programming without and rediscover the power within, your birthright of majesty and ease and joy.  Cuz baby, that’s when we build a world from those principals and everyone wins!

The New Moon brought the Great Attractor that cleared out the karmic gunk or it at least gave you a big ole push in that powerful direction.  So now as the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center during today’s Gemini Full Moon, get ready to blast off into your great destiny, your timelessness, your ability to heal and transform throughout every second of your time in this body, to be a wildly intentional co-creator from a deep place of love and reverence.  But remember, you do not get the fruits without the practice.  There are higher dimensions waiting for your bat signal.  Co-create with them and be wowed by an unfolding of life that is beyond what your previous environment never wanted you to see.

Whatever you put out in this bold and historical acceleration of Light will expand through Jupiter. Is it positive and high vibing?  Or coming from triggers and karma?  If it’s the latter, do your work, co-create within, transform it, rise above the matrix and find out just how powerful you are when setting intentions for your experience here and now.  If it’s the former, scream it from the mountain tops cuz every time we deposit light into the grid we crack the walls of the dark.  Keep rippling, Butterfly.  The tidal wave is coming…

If you want to harness the powers of Higher Consciousness and Dimensions that are becoming more and more accessible, I’d love to work with you through many offerings.  Come feel it out at  

Sending you big energy through this powerful time of ascension, friend.  Xoxo

Lori Reising, BA, CHT, LMT
is an Intuitive Trauma-Informed Healing Artist and Meditation Guide, A Ritual Facilitator, A Digital Creatrix, A Retreat Leader, Writer and your biggest cheerleader into your birthright of joy and ease in this human experience!  She travels the country in her converted van home with her blind kitty, Beezus The Brave.  Be sure to jump on her email newsletter for free resources, inspiration and a whole lotta fun!  Check out her life-changing digital course based on her retreats, Awaken Your Life Force, as well as several digital downloads for your transformative daily practices.

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