Welcome to the Capricorn New Moon and 2022!

capricorn new moon 2022 new yearHappy Capricorn New Moon on Saturday, January 2nd at 10:33 am PST!

Psssst. Find yourself wanting to crawl under a blanket and wait for Aquarius season to pick you up??  Yep, you may be feeling a little extra negative, even shut down right now, especially those of you out there blazing the light acceleration path right now. 

This can be a time of soul confusion because Capricorn likes its rules and regulations… the exact structures we are re-coding through our light integration. They like growth, but within the walls already resurrected. It’s the nature of the sign ruled by Saturn.   You can imagine that those energies feel wildly restrictive to the expansion through possibilities and the unknown that we be dropping e’ry day up in here. 

So how do we reconcile this disconnect?  How do we infuse all dat expansion into the structures that are yet to be fully dismantled?  Here’s the great news!  This energy has its purpose and power.  Let’s get practical, baby!  And serious.  We can use all this structure with our new and expansive intuitive living.  It’s about enacting the new belief systems and paradigms NOW.  It’s about continuing to tap into your creation energy and living it, exemplifying it and changing the world because of it.  So get some good use out of this ability to integrate your thinking cap with your limitlessness. How you ask? Use your resources.  Push play on the meditation until it shifts.  Then bring it, stand in it and literally be what you want to see.  Stay above the matrix, share compassion, live free, buy local, take responsibility for your vessel, eradicate ANY structure from syphoning your power.  Use your new superpowers in your everyday humanness.  And in your power.

Oh, and just get shit done.  Literally.  Hold your big picture vision and put it in place now.  These energies are your pedal to the metal.  You might be amazed at how much of the “structure” of your new vision you can map out now before the expansion, imagination and acceleration come in with Aquarius and Pisces.  Do it.  Do it now, Grasshopper.

And remember
We are beautiful
We are light
We got this

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Lori Reising,
is the podcast host of The Raw and Wild Hearts, an Intuitive & Embodiment Guide, a Ritual Facilitator, Trauma-Informed Healing Artist, Digital Creatrix, Retreat Leader and your biggest cheerleader into your divinity and majesty!

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