Affirm Your Truth with Sydney Campos

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Affirm Your Truth with Sydney Campos

Podcast Episode Summary

Hello everyone!  Welcome to today’s wildly magical episode, Affirm Your Truth with Sydney Campos.  Get ready y’all because Sydney and I are going quantum.  Yep, this is where we are.  No more tiptoeing around your innate knowingness, absolute divinity and magic.  No more denying our birthright of creation energy.  Because the more we exchange and share this energy and the inherent truth in our greatness and intuitive wisdom, the more we tap in and come alive! This is the revolution, babes.  It’s never been more clear or evident that we are at a tipping point.  The Earth and energy grid are changing.  The magnetic field is shifting.  Celestial events are rising.  The Schumann Resonance has been blacking out for record periods.  The heartbeat and very soul of the Earth is undergoing a massive overhaul, as is our entire world.  Our cells are waking up, they are calling out at a rate that makes our infinite truth undeniable.  We are the energy of the Universe.   And As you move into this evolution, as you face and heal your trauma, as you get a taste of living an aligned and enlightened life, as you shift your experience simply with your energy, there is no going back. Why would we ever even want to.  Living in our body consciousness, which is the og navigation system for life that we were designed with, creates a path of allowance over efforting.  So today, Sydney and I share some mad inspiration.  I mean, groundbreaking and leading edge.  Notice how your body responds when you feel the vibrations of this exchange.  Listen to the messages that come through.    

Show Notes

Cacao sourcing and sustainability of systems overall
The importance of ceremony as spiritual beings
The greater persecution of our energy and potential
Sydney is here to attune the body to feel safe in expansion
Opening up to the possibilities of the unknown
Awakening up to our multi-dimensional abilities
The Butterfly Effect exchange through attuning
Trauma is unnatural, they have been normalized
Practicing your sensory language and embodiment language
Akashic Records is for everyone
Commodifying or co-opting spirituality
Embodied ascension
The body is a portal of heaven into earth
Breaking conditioning and coming into timelessness
You are worthy of it all
What are the Akashic Records
Asking qualitative questions from a place of expansion
The knowledge is within our cells
Healing can be light work
Finding a container for emotional expression as a child
You are a product of your practice
Life is the ceremony, our being is the ritual
The ultimate feedback loop
We don’t have time not to share this light
Allow over conquer
Shifting the energy online to support our frequency
Name and affirm your body consciousness
5D visionary business
Who is your dream guest and why?

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