We Get To Co-Create With The Universe Powerfully Now!

We are entering a time of our great activation, in beliefs, in destiny, in dimensions. We get  to effort less, and live more.  Yes, let me repeat that again.  We get to effort less and live more.  Together.   And a tidal wavecosmos universe co-creation manifestation abundance alignment is coming…  when we do our work.  Our work meaning what we came onto the planet to do.  Our soul contract.  Our essence.  The offering we came bearing to raise our consciousness and live from a place of love.  So today I am releasing this special chat all about Co-creating with the Universe and living our birthright of ease and joy, while we deposit our light into the collective for massive shifts to rebuild our system from love.  Yes, we can.  And as we move into balance within ourselves of healthy and sacred masculinity as the container to our beautiful divine feminine, it is not only possible, it is inevitable.

This has been such a time of great acceleration in human evolution.  Or I should say evolving back to what we knew when we choose these bodies and came into this human journey.  Can you believe we actually have to work to remember our superpowers??  Which are trust, surrender, allow and flow.  But here we are and so we move forward powerfully.  I mean, honestly this is such an exciting time of getting to witness the evolution of sovereignty and soul calling.  It’s the moment I have been preparing for in all of these timelines as a healer.  

 I am watching those of you that are out here doing your work come alive!  You are feeling the frequency of light and heeding the call.  You are seeking out the messages and soul’s that resonate with your soul, that inspire you to break the cycle of fear and control, to go deeper than you ever knew was possible.  And here’s the magic babes.  Are you ready?  Are you sitting down?  Wait, screw that are you levitating?  When you feel the results, when you literally get to effort less from the flow and vibrational matches that the Universe offers, when you are literally co-creating with a source energy that is now palpable, from a body consciousness that has been waiting and wanting to guide you, you literally are drawn to do more, to search out more, to create the time, to be intentional instead of reactionary.   

Ok, so let’s talk about that, intentional practice.  Literally the planets, the Astrology, the energy, the Intelligent Life are all moving through historical shifts and offering us an olive branch. It has never been as easy as it is right now to tap in.  The veil is thinning and with every portal gateway, just like today’s, it gets thinner and thinner.  Your cosmic support team is screaming to help you!  And you have the tools to hear them.  But because humanity literally moved us in the exact opposite direction (yes, forgiveness is a part of this as well, I’ve been stretching  mine for that trajectory my entire life). And wouldn’t ya know as I ascend above the unhealthy ego, the karma, the 3d matrix, it just poof… happens.  Yes, this shit is that magical y’all.  WE are that absolutely magical.  And that is the reason I have always held on to the knowledge that humans are absolutely divine with miracles, telepathy, levitation and all of it.  

Co-create Universe manifest soul ascension light frequency digital workshopNow let’s get into co-creation.  Here’s the fact, since we have become so g’dang reliant of facts.  This is the only one that you need because the rest becomes your encoded knowingness, which is profoundly more powerful than all the facts in the world.  The Universe has always been and is always trying to co-create with us, it is constantly sending us messages to guide our lives into more ease, joy, enlightenment and love.  And the quickest way to shut it down is by existing in states of fear and control.  Well, if we want to get cosmically technical here, our states of overwhelm, stress, incapacitation, control and fear have been calling in vibrational matches.  OH, and trust me, this has been being handed to us on a silver platter from a wildly imbalanced and competitive culture.  We have been calling in the messages of hate, anger, dominance over, power over, control of from our mother’s wombs, and her mother’s womb and so on.  It has been programmed in our genes, it is programmed in everything we read, hear and see.  Somewhere along this fractured way of life, someone decided that they could make a whole lotta money off of peoples fear and the more people got scared the more they took on that model and so on.  But this is not what I want to focus on here.  Though it is important for reference of all of the conditioning that you are shedding, releasing and destroying in order to access a life of flow, alignment and innate knowledge.  A life that leads you in your best and highest good! 

Quick insert.  Turn off your tv.  Turn off the news.  Shift the powerFind the soul’s that are literally coming from a place of love, of care, of passion for your evolution. Here’s your first access point. How does it make you feel when you hear it, see, it, read it?  Immediately. Do you feel excited, hopeful, filled with possibility and passion?  Or do you feel dread, fear, anger, doom?  We have become addicted to the latter because we have been practicing it for years and lifetimes.  You decide when to break out of it.  No one else can do it for you.  You decide to create the time.  You decide to do the practice to access the potential.  You decide anything is possible.  You get super real with agendas, narratives, greed, power and money.  You find your way back to your sovereignty, knowing that we are timeless and that it was come when you do the work. 

Fact #2, (I know, I said there’s only one, but this is a shining example of flexibility, adaptability and the power in pivoting!).  Your life will not change without your full participation in it.  Let me repeat.  Your life will not change without your full participation in it.  And also.  Great news.  There are droves of people that are sharing their light, their soul’s calling, their mission in love to help you take the first step, and the next and however many more you need until you are the one sharing your light strength with the collective.  Trust me, once you feel how amazing a life of ease and grace is, once you hear the messages through your cells, once you experience expansion in quantum leaps, you cannot go back.  This is our birthright.  This is how we came in to communicate, to evolve, to thrive and to live.  

Ok, so how do we do this… cuz I know your “I need to know’ mind is running wild right now.  We’ve grown up in the narrative that if I know a and b then I get c.  We are so linear and left-brained.  In reality, that part was meant to be in use occasionally, while we tapped into our creativity, imagination and right-brain on the reg.  But ok, here it is.  It is in the absence of fear and absence of the need to control that we feel trust and are able to surrender to the divine unfolding of our path and purpose.  And….  Yes, there’s more.  When we feel trust in what’s to come, we can drop fully into our present moment and body consciousness, which is where all knowledge actually IS.  In our cells, our DNA.  This is where we receive the messages that allow us to move in ease and joy, away from all this effecting that we have had to do to live in this world since we have basically shut it all down with our thinking, our controlling, our fear, our need to conquer.  Oh, and this stupid concept of time.  Immediate gratification because when I make something happen I get it right away.  But guess what else you get.  Stagnation, blockages, dis-ease, trauma, pain and the list goes on. 

We are not meant to live our entire lives to undo what we are doing every day to ourselves.  And I say this with great love.  And I also say it because you are ready to hear it.  You are ready to live in your birthright.  You are ready to change our systems.  You are ready to change the world.

So I’m going to give you a very powerful analogy.  And a very important one because the quicker we change this system, the quicker we become a less violent, untrusting and traumatized culture.  It’s birth.  There’s a deep history that I can get into when we started birthing in hospitals with pain management, which can also be categorized as fear management.  By the way, those hospitals at the time were a big part of the poor outcomes because of the unsanitary conditions women were birthing in… I digress.  So basically what I want to share is this groundbreaking revelation that our ‘control and conquer’ culture just completely disregards in their need for their immediate outcome (to decrease liability, btw) is that the baby has a job to do.  When we start to manipulate and control birth, we disempower the baby from its job, as well as mom.  So now we have to control more and manipulate more because no one is able to do their innate jobs that they came to do and now we are birthing in trauma, fear, pain and stress.  Epigenetics shows that these are all the traits we are expressing as adults dating back to our births.  The reason I am sharing this with you is to share with you what happens in all of our existence.  This is a way to see it in a very tangible way.  And ps.  When we change the way we birth, we will change the world.  But today with the Winter Solstice Portal we actually have a way to change the world in new frequencies.  We now have the divine ability to change the world by the acceleration of Light on this planet when we receive it, activate it and share it.

Let’s take this analogy to the Universe.  The Universe is the mother, we are the baby.  When we live in continual and prolonged states of fear, and mind control, we disempower the Universe from doing its job for us.  We distort the vibration and block the messages.  It is looking for it’s match, it is sending the bat signals, but we cannot receive and co-create when we are fixated on controlling our outcome, on making decisions from a place of fear or lack or on replaying our traumas that are locked in our bodies and blocking our ability to hear the guidance.  Again, we do not hear through the system that has been amplified and celebrated in every system of this society.  We hear from our intuition, our innate knowingness, our third eye, our healthy bodies and body consciousness, our cellular health and released traumas, our sovereignty and trust in our power.  

The Universe is looking for a vibration match, always.  It’s now easier than ever to hear its call.  Right now, close your eyes, take a deep cleansing breath in, how would it feel to live in a state of grounded clarity and alignment, not matter what happens around you, how would it feel to hear intuitive messages of supreme guidance and support that lead you to more joy, more collective awakening, more manifestation, more ease and financial abundance?  When I say ease, that does not mean doing nothing.  It means doing the things that sing to your soul, things that get you excited and passionate and create such resonance in your soul that you can’t wait to freaking do them?!  So how does it feel to effort less and receive more?  How does it feel to trust that you have all that you need to Co-create with the Universe every single second of every day in this life, leading you toward ascended states of pure unconditional love?

Here it is grasshopper, let’s talk about your ascension.  As you tap in to the Light and frequency that is available now, you will rise above the matrix.  And the more you do the intentional practices, whether that is push play on the meditation, chant with others, go deep in yoga, do breath work, join courses, listen to these messages through the channels, whatever it is that you resonate with, disrupt the old conditioning by making it a habit.  Do not stop.  The more you do something every single day, the more you FEEL the benefits, FEEL your power rising within, HEAR the messages loud and clear and WITNESS the shift in your experience, the more you CRAVE it.  I pinky swear promise.  And included in that experience is the beautiful vantage point above the matrix.  You observe the drama, the power plays, the crime, the fear, the desperation and you are no longer a pawn in that game.  No one has power over you any longer.  You also get to love them for all of their flaws and greed AND you get to change the course of humanity from this place of pure light and love.  You get to be a part of the rebuilding of systems and society in abundance.  

As we continue to move through these big, historic and powerful energies, we are now able to fully transmute and transcend the karma and wounds, to release the programmed old belief systems and narratives, we are re-coding our systems from a 13 chakra system that easily and effortlessly connects to our higher self, innate knowledge and wisdom codes.  You get to be the multi-dimensional being that you came here to be.  2022 is going to be a big year of this transformation.  We need you to be in your full infinite light as a human on this journey so that we can rebuild from a place of true abundance for all.

If you’d like to go deeper with me, I have created a very special free Co-createco-creation consciousness manifestation abundance alignment free mastermind workshop With The Universe workshop in honor of this evolutionary leap and activation.  Click here to sign up and hear about how you can empower your intuition, body consciousness and receptivity to re-discover your unique soul’s code and path in this time of wild and beautiful transformation!  As a member of my email newsletter you will receive so many free goodies for your robust health, spirit and wellness! 


Lori Reising, BA, CHT, LMT
is the podcast host of The Raw and Wild Hearts, an Intuitive Oracle Reader & Embodiment Guide, a Ritual Facilitator, Trauma-Informed Healing Artist, Digital Creator, Retreat Leader and your biggest cheerleader into your divinity and majesty!

Work with her at https://therawandwildhearts.com/

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