Moving Forward With a Courageous Heart in This Leo Full Moon Power

Happy Leo Full Moon on Wednesday, February 16th, 2022 at 8:57 am PST!

How’s your lion heart?  Cuz there’s a whole lotta love here in this courageous, determined leo full moon astrology aquarius season cosmos collective consciousness and prideful Leo Full Moon energy. Venus and Mars are doing some fine work together as they solidify the pivotal transformation that has been going down this year from your head to your heart.  And darlin, in that new space of Universal truth comes the real empowerment…the known reality (rather than the “sold” one) that the path of our ascended state of existence IS tender, raw, vulnerable LOVE.  The stuff that makes us braver than what we were told.  Ya know, to not show your emotions, to suck it up, to move on. The BS that has kept us limited, in fear,  in dis-ease and in exhaustion from repressing ourselves.

Now that all planets are moving direct (yes! they! are!), we have an oncoming forward momentum that will require deep trust in your heart, your innate and infinitely powered navigation system, to lead you in directions that are fueled by love.  Period.  Love for the collective, love for your soul, love for the planet, love for our interconnected consciousness, love for life.    

You have been excavating your heart, your circle, your life in the recent transformative Retrogrades and Capricorn energy.  Deeply.  And here we go cuz that hard work has allowed you to release old patterns, people, relationships, wounds and karma.  Now that you’ve made the room, be ready for the flood of the new and evolutionary connections and creations in your manifested world that will lift the collective just by the sheer energy they unleash.

This Full Moon happens right before the very significant Pluto return of the USA. Death and rebirth is amping up. And this death is coming from the care for the collective. It’s coming from radical systemic change fueled from the heart and ultimate truth system.  No longer does any system get to run off of  greed, power, money or imbalance.  Fixed energy brings courage. You cannot go back to status quo or that’s how it’s always been. If you dig deep, you already know you don’t really want to. You are more deliberate than you’ve ever been. Your cells are coming online.  They are getting louder than the programming we’ve been living in all these lives.  Even with the disruption of routine, the new priorities in life, the release of external happiness.  You are ready.  The more you hear your body’s messages, the easier you get in alignment, you turn down the linear control.  

leo energies astrology courage pride loveSo for this Full Moon, take some time to nurture, nourish and strengthen your way forward, your heart.  Know that it will guide you in the upcoming death for the simultaneous rebirth.  It is more powerful than any system, rule, institution, greed, person wielding power and when we not only love, but when we are love, worlds are built.

Love is the fuel to the quickest and greatest of transformations.  Idk about you, but I’m here to enjoy the rebuild cuz this train has left the station, it’s going full speed ahead and we are the conductor.  So let’s join our hearts together from the multi-dimensional reality that we get to be. Let’s create from the infinite possibilities we are made of and let’s live in the Universal benevolence and abundance that’s always been here, hoping and waiting to work with us.

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Lori Reising, BA, CHT, LMT
is the podcast host of The Raw and Wild Hearts, a Psychic Medium & Embodiment Guide, a Ritual Facilitator, Trauma-Informed Healing Artist, Digital Creatrix, Retreat Leader and your biggest cheerleader into your divinity and majesty!

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2 thoughts on “Moving Forward With a Courageous Heart in This Leo Full Moon Power

  1. Mendy

    Hi Lori, just found you. Via Molly McCord.
    I am not good with via contacting . I already watched a few of your videos. Awesome!
    I hate to jump right into this but I have a gift, since I was little but I got injured 20 years ago, I am looking to heal my body, so I can find out what my gift is to share with the world. Do you want to help me get into a different space to help me heal my body so I can do my work here on earth. Any suggestions?
    I truly want to help, but my pain keeps me back. It goes on and on. Do you know some direction I can go into? But limited money issues. I’m just stuck and felt I could reach out to you.
    Love and light..
    M Schultz
    I can give my number if needed.

    1. Lori Reising

      Hello M!
      Yes, thank you for reaching out. I have so many free resources for you to start diving into! I would suggest jumping on my email list because you will find loads of options there. I have a 5-week Living Pain-Free Series that sound perfect for you! You can get on at I also have a Youtube channel that has some videos that might help support your alignment where your body can heal deeper. I have a podcast that has some incredible exchanges because as we disrupt limited thought patterns, we open up pathways to healing in our body as well. I have free meditations in various places. I’m on Insight Timer. I have free meditations on my Youtube channel at Lori Reising. I have a beautiful meditation in my free Co-Create With The Universe workshop. Listen to them often. As we move to intentional creation energy and out of reactionary habit, you shift your vibration and frequency, which increases robust wellness and health. So I think those are great places to begin! And when you’re ready I have some deep meditations created to activate our innate healing wisdom, like The DNA Light Code Activation Meditation. It’s the best $10 you’ll ever spend for your health and alignment. Push play often. I get incredible testimonials for people how it helps change their lives within days! You can find that on my website as well. But M, know this. We are made to heal. It’s time to create a new path and you already have by reaching out. Follow the trail and find infinite possibilities! Sending love, Lori

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