A Spiritual Tsunami Is Coming with Astrologer Kelsey Fryza

Astrology of 2022 and beyond, Jupiter Neptune Conjunction, USA Pluto Return, Embodied Ascension, New Earth Awakening

Podcast Episode Summary

Welcome to today’s podcast episode called ‘A Spiritual Tsunami Is Coming with Astrologer Kelsey Fryza’.  We really get to the heart of the incoming 2022 Astrology that brings a spiritual tsunami on the imminent horizon and will be an important shift that generations to come will be learning about and from.  We also connect how to embody the energies of the cosmos into our physical realities.  I mean, are you ready to geek out on all things connected in this Universe? Kelsey and I sure do.  I actually invited her for an exchange in divine time since we are on the tail end of some wildly intense Capricorn Energies and transits.  I mean, some soul excavating, stripping away, getting down to our true-authentic-vulnerable-selves energies.  And believe me, we are about to take off.  But… I feel like it’s really important to talk about, honor and amplify how very important those periods of deep guttural growth and integration are and that is exactly where we go today because Kelsey happens to be a cap sun as well.  Not only that, we get into the enormous and permanent transformations that are about to go down personally and collectively.  There’s the USA’s Pluto and Mars Returns, as well as the once in a lifetime Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces Conjunction.  We share passionate thoughts on how we can work with and embody the transits and how we can get deeply excited for the death and rebirth that is underway!  Ewwww, I’m telling you, we were on fire.   

Show Notes

Kelsey’s unfolding path to Astrology
“The Star Keys”
The spiral dance with the planets
2022 Astrology energies
The transformation from Capricorn energies
Pluto started in Capricorn in 2008
Pluto in Capricorn is igniting everyone
The importance of the Pluto Saturn conjunction from 2020
The nodal shift of getting back to our essence
Leaving mutable energy and moving into fixed energy
2022 energy of community
Mercury and Venus are going direct until May 2022
How the calendar year sets us up for disconnection from our natural cycles
Importance of understanding and being in the seasons
Neptune is coming online
Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces conjunction
Watch for lower vibrational energies that might come up
Jupiter will bring the expansion to ALL energies
If you could go to any planet, what planet would you go to?
Use the Neptune “addiction” energy to create a new cycle, ritual, practice!
Venus in Capricorn for 5 months is rare
The Pluto Return of the USA on 2/20/22
USA Mars Return amplifies the Pluto Return
The Butterfly Effect
Look to water references and advice
Who would your dream guest be and why?

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