Pisces New Moon Astrology is The New Years Eve You Deserve!

The 2/22/22 Portal has created a beautiful opening into a powerful Pisces New Moon to kick off the pre-cursor to the Astrological New Year and Spring Equinox! Welcome to your true New Year’s Eve party! So get ready to set your sights high on what you want to create, how you want to move forward with your newly calibrated self and just how limitless you really are when you open up to the spiritual tsunami that has already begun. Know that the January Retrogrades took you deeper than you thought was possible, you found a new self that you never knew existed and now you get to bring it up into the biggest expansion of higher timelines that we have ever seen.

Sound big?? It is. Pisces New Moon Channeled Messages

Here are some of the powerful channeled messages that continue to pour in for this auspicious time of deep spiritual connection and forward motion.  Ride the wave, amplify the energy, integrate the new frequency intentionally.  If you do the work, you will reap the rewards for the tides to come.

Affirmation for the Pisces New Moon

I receive and integrate my birthright of divine ascension, creation energy and embodied soul expansion into my physical reality with ease and deliberate direction for my highest good, alignment and for my contribution to the collective consciousness.


Lori Reising, BA, CHT, LMT meditation guide astral travel chakra healing trauma informed intuitive guide
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